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Congratulations to those who tested in January.
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Wyoming Black Belt Class is February 4 at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do. This class is for all Black and Red Belts.
If you have a uniform that you're no longer using, or have outgrown, please consider donating it back to the club. We can pass that uniform on to another student.
Also any sparring gear in good shape!
Contact Senior Master Johnson.

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January 2023 BB Class
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Kicking combinations from Class B Instructors Course,
2010 and 2014

Word to the Wise

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew."
- St. Francis de Sales

The Dobok

Why we wear the uniform
* Our doboks reveal our occupation and rank, identifying us as persons engaged in ITF/USTF Taekwon-Do.
* The dobok is considered a necessity in both training and tournament.
* The wearing of the dobok should instill pride in the student as a practitioner of Taekwon-Do.
* It identifies the degree of skill and cultural education in Taekwon-Do that the individual has attained.

If you have a uniform that you're no longer using, or have outgrown, please consider donating it back to the club. We can pass that uniform on to another student.
Also any sparring gear in good shape!
Contact Senior Master Johnson.

* The style of the dobok is symbolic of Taekwon-Do heritage and tradition.
* The white uniform symbolizes the traditional color of the Korean costume.
*Grade and Degree changes indicated by belt color create incentive while simultaneously preserving humility.
* The dobok is extremely practical and healthy.
* The official dobok distinguishes orthodox Taekwon-Do from its imitators.
* When we wear a uniform, we accept a certain role in society and we are obliged to behave accordingly.

Learn to tie your belt correctly
If you're not sure, respectfully ask an upper belt for help. The belt should be tied in a square knot. Both ends should be even. It is disrespectful to be dressed in a disorderly manner. Click here to go to the 'Belts' page.

Uniform etiquette
The complete uniform should be worn to every Taekwon-Do event, unless the event is specifically announced as a social event or special seminar that requires other attire.

The Taekwon-Do uniform should be kept neat and clean.

When straightening the uniform, it is proper to turn sideways from the instructor, preferably to your left, if facing the instructor, so as not to turn to your senior.

Always treat your Taekwon-Do uniform with respect. Your belt is something very special that you have worked hard for, and should be treated accordingly. Your belt should never touch the ground/floor. When exercising, at times it will make contact with the floor, but that is in the act of training, and is not disrespectful. Swinging your belt around, dropping it on the floor or forgetting it are signs of disrespect. Students should take pride in their apperarance at all times.

Never walk up to a senior and touch his or her belt without asking permission. If you would like to read the embroidery or have a question, always ask first.

The official uniform has the Taekwon-Do (evergreen tree logo) insignia incorporating the words "Taekwon Do" in English and Korean imprinted or embroidered on the back of the jacket, and the vertical monogram "ITF" for International Taekwon-Do Federation at knee level on each pant leg.

Each uniform should have the insignia (patch) of the International Taekwon-Do Federation on the left chest (close to the heart). The national insignia, in our case, the logo of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation, goes over the right chest.

The school patch of the student is worn on the right sleeve, approximately one inch below the shoulder seam. The national flag of the student is worn on the left sleeve. An Instructor Certification patch is worn by Black Belts who have been certified as a USTF Instructor. This patch goes on the left sleeve, below the flag patch. The USTF Referee Certification patch goes below the Instructor patch.

Black Belt Uniform
Students who have tested to I Dan and have received their USTF Black Belt certificate are eligible to trim their uniform after six months of training. The trim is to be approximately 3 cm wide black stripe around the bottom hem of the jacket, and signifies a Black Belt in good standing.

The uniform for Black Belts Fourth Degree and above are also trimmed with a black stripe down each sleeve extending from the collar to the cuff, and a black stripe down the outside of each pant leg, broken in the middle so as not to cover the "ITF" monogram.

How to properly fold the uniform

Lay the jacket out flat, front side up.
Fold the pants neatly
in thirds.

Lay the folded pants at the
chest of the jacket.


Fold one side of the jacket
across the pants.


Fold the sleeve back
even with the pants.


Fold the other side of
the jacket the same way.


Fold the bottom of the
jacket up over the sleeves.


Fold in half upward once more, and turn the bundle over.


Tie your belt around your uniform
using a square knot.

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