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October 24-26, 2019 testings

Sheridan Taekwon-Do student Kincade Naus tested to I dan Black Belt on Oct 24, 2019 in Sheridan.
Color belt candidates tested at the Wyoming State Color Belt Testing at the Casper Armory on the 26th.
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Kincade -- patterns and kicking demonstrations down the floor
ho-sin-sul with brother Vincent.
flying front snap kick - 3 boards
knife hand - 1 tile
the class
Sr. Master Johnston presented Mr. Naus with his Black Belt
It's a big milestone!
Sr. Master had a banner made for Kincade.

Then in December, presentation of his I Dan certificate
Eric Gutierrez tested in Sheridan
Grand Master Martin greeted each candidate
group pattern Chon-Ji
white belts warm-up
kicking demonstration
Jensen and Terrencce
Sirus Knapp performing pattern Do-San
techniques down the floor
ho-sin-sul . . .falling and rolling

"Best of Test" winners
with Grand Master Martin, Master Sisco, and Senior Master Johnson
Troy Wellmaker - Best Ho-sin-sul (Steel Dragons TKD)
Adrian Garcia - Best Break (Martin's Casper TKD)
Michelle Brazfield - Best Patterns (Martin's Casper TKD)

Testing candidates and test board before the day started

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