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September 19, 2015 - Wyoming Invitational
"Crazy Woman Carnage"

The Wyoming Invitational Tournament 2015 was held at the Casper Rec Center.
Well attended and hard-fought as always!
Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Competitors and officials came from all around the region.
The trophy table
Black Belt patterns were first...here's the upper division
Mrs Connell and Mrs Rosenof squared off in the first round with Moon-Moo
Mrs Willcox and Mr McDill
Mrs Willcox and Mrs Connell in the gold medal round
Judges and medalists
White belt patterns
Kincaid Naus - Chon-Ji
Austin Reenders - Chon-Ji
Sheridan swept the division
Yellow belt patterns
Jeanette Richards
Mrs. Richards - Dan-Gun
Adult yellow belt division
Stephen Richards
Junior green belt division
Adult Blue & Red belts
Junior blue belts
Master Johnson
Judging patterns
Sr. Masters Steadman & Martin
White belt sparring - Vincent Naus
White belt sparring - Austin Reenders
White & yellow belt sparring - Kincaid Naus
Green belt sparring - Stephen Richards
Blue/red belt sparring - Brodie Juergens
Green/blue/red belt sparring - Jared Juergens
The parking lot at the Rec Center was a busy place!
Masters & Senior Masters
Adult color belt sparring - Mrs. Richards, yellow belt, and Mr. Juergens, blue belt
Adult women's Black Belt Sparring
a lighter moment
Adult women's Black Belt Sparring
Looks like everyone had fun!
Adult men's Black Belt sparring
Checking equipment
There was great action through all the divisions
Some of the best matches of the day!

Grand Championship rounds at the end of the day . . .
Junior color belt champions
Kincaid Naus
Brodie Juergens
Black Belt Amy Willcox
Grand Champion competitors, judges, winners in front

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