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July 25-26, 2015 - USTF National Championships
Concord, Massachusetts

Competitors and officials from the United States, Australia, and Canada came together for a great tournament and a great time!
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Team Wyoming- we were one group, with great support from everyone - thanks to all those who helped us get to Boston!
Everyone weighed in at the hotel Friday afternoon, then lined up for a group photo.
Go Wyoming!
Early Saturday morning at the venue, Brandeis University Gym
Mr. Giese, V Degree Black Belt and Iraq war veteran, carried the Wyoming flag.
Ready for introductions
Go girls!
Arrival of Senior Grand Master Sereff
Introduction of the Masters
Competitors and officials
Wyoming among the group
Quiet time before patterns competition.. Miss Skiles and Mr. Paris
Medals for men's patterns
Patterns Gold for Miss Skiles
Mr. Paris (right)
Mr. Robinson talking to Miss Skiles
Mrs. Erickson (right)
Mrs. Anderson (left)
Mrs. Anderson and Erickson - double medals for both ladies
Senior GM Sereff promoted Sr. Master Reyes to Grand Master
Mrs. Willcox
Patterns Gold - Mrs. Willcox
Sr. Master Martin and Master Johnson
Mrs. Connell - patterns
Patterns Gold - Mrs.Connell
Mr. Robinson medaled
Mr. Paris won the division
Mrs. Robinson
Sparring . . . Mrs. Willcox
Mrs. Willcox (right)
Mr. Clint Martin (red/black headgear)
Mrs. Paris (pony tail)
Mr. Husted (right)
The guys showed some impressive height in the specialty breaking, but the break of the day belonged to Mrs. Willcox -
Mrs. Willcox - flying turning kick - WOW!
Senior Master Martin with Mrs. Willcox and Mrs. Rosenof
Mrs. Willcox
Ms. Bowing
Mrs. Rogone
Women's BB Breaking Awards

Senior Master Charles Birch, leader of Bai Rui, passed away the day before the tournament started. All of the Australian team were in mourning.
Many in Wyoming knew Senior Master Birch from earlier competitions, World Camp, or other TaeKwon-Do events. In memory of Senior Master Birch, Wyoming presented the Australians with a U.S. flag, and several smaller Wyoming flags.
Mr. Bradley accepted the gift from Mr. Robinson, as Wyomng offered condolences to our friends from Australia.


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