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October 18, 2014 - Wyoming Color Belt Test

The Wyoming Color Belt Testing started early at 9:00 so that those going to Colorado that night could get on the road. Sheridan had two more people testing that couldn't make it to Casper. Mr. Paul Juergens (to 5th Gup) and Mr. Adam Born (to 8th Gup) tested during class at the Sheridan YMCA. Also we had three people testing to 9th Gup Yellow Stripe - Mrs. Malmberg, Mrs. Richards, and Branton. Unfortunately we didn't get any photos of their tests. David Brown traveled to the test for 8th Gup at Senior Master Martin's.
Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Senior Master Martin greeted each candidtate.
David Brown - warm-up punches.
Demonstrating kicks.
Front Kick
Side Piercing Kick
Mrs. Phillips called the test. Step Sparring
Step Sparring

Josh Tuttle - Best Break
David Brown - Best Ho-Sin-Sul
Chevy Kalpin - Best Pattern
with Mr. Sisco, Senior Master Martin, and Master Johnson
David received the Best Ho-Sin-Sul award - way to go!
Best of Test Winners
Testing Candidtaes, with Mrs. Paris who demonstrated techniques, Mrs. Phillips, and Senior Master Martin.
Mr. Juergens, new 5th Gup; Mrs. Richards & Mrs. Malmberg, new 9th Gups, with Master Johnson.
Mr. Born was promoted to 8th Gup.
Also at the testing from Sheridan, Master Johnson and Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Connell sat on the Test Board, and Miss Jeliazkova took photos.

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