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Maestas Team Challenge
March, 2014

February and March 2014 - These juniors trained hard to get ready for the Maestas Team Challenge,
where they competed inTeam Patterns, Breaking, and Sparring, and took 2nd overall.
Two adults also competed, and brought back 1st place team trophy for Sheridan Taekwon-Do.
Way to go Mr. Paul Juergens and Mrs. Wendy Justice!
The tournament was March 22 in Arvada, Colorado. Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Sheridan Snappers, training for the tournament:
Nandy Crabb, Michelle Jeliazkova, Jared Juergens, Piper O'Dell, Emilou Justice.

At the tournament in Arvada. . .
Always good format
Miss Jeliazkova
Miss Crabb
Miss O'Dell
Miss Justice
Emilou Justice sparred well against higher ranked opponents.
Well done Emilou!
Jared Juergens
Jared - way to use those long legs!
Nandy and Michelle were in the same division - here are some pictures from those matches . . .
Michelle Jeliazkova
Nandy Crabb
Teams lines up, waiting for awards presentation
Michelle & Nandy-breaking
Michelle & Nandy-sparring
Jared - sparring and breaking
Team awards
Sheridan Snappers - 2nd overall.
Teams with their instructors.

Mr. Paul Juergens, 7th gup, and Mrs. Wendy Justice, 8th gup competed well and brought home the
1st Place Adults Trophy for Sheridan Taekwon-Do!

Judging Patterns
Mrs. Wendy Justice takes 3rd in patterns, Mr. Paul Juergens takes 1st - Well done!

They each won their division in sparring.
1st Place Adult Team - way to go!
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