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Wyoming Black Belt & Color Belt Test
January 25, 2014

This testing was held at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do.
The Black Belt candidates performed parts of their test throughout the Color Belt testing, starting with their pattens and finishing up with breaking.
Although no one from Sheridan was testing today, several people went down to help with the test and to support our TKD brothers and sisters.
Click on any picture to see a larger image.
All lined up, ready to go.
White Belts - peewees, juniors & adults, testing to 9th and 8th Gup.
4th Dan Candidates
2nd Dan Candidates
1st Dan Candidates
Testing to 7th Gup
7th Gup High Yellow, testing to 6th Gup Green Belt
More Patterns from our 4th Dan and 2nd Dan Candidates . . . looking very good!
Testing to 5th Gup
Sisters from Wyoming TKD testing to 4th Gup
Demonstrating self-defense
Nice tuck!
A beautiful knife hand break
Mr. Spann & Mrs. Rosenof,
who called the tests.
4th Dan Candidates foot-sparring
2nd Dan Candidates
1st Dan Candidates step-sparring

High Blue Belts testing to 2nd Gup Red Belt

2nd Gup to 1st Gup
Black Belt Candidates - Ho Sin Sul was outstanding!
Best-of-Test awards and new Black Belts
A really good day for everyone.

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