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Wyoming Black Belt & Color Belt Test
October 26, 2013

This testing was hosted by Sheridan Taekwon-Do Club.
There were over 30 students lined up, and many supporters there to watch the action.
The Black Belt candidates performed parts of their test throughout the Color Belt testing, starting with their pattens and finishing up with breaking.
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Group Pattern
testing to 9th gup, 4-direction punch
front snap kick
self-defense, release from a wrist grab
testing to 8th gup, some warm-up punches, then Chon-Ji, and self-defense. Well done, white belts!

High reds began their test:
Black Belt candidates on the floor for patterns - 4-direction thrust, and Choong-Moo

back to color belts:
testing to 6th gup, pattern Do-San
Mr. Juergens demonstrates a fall to the front
Mr.Peldo and Mr. Juergens, nice breaks!

and BB candidates again
kicking demonstration
Mr. Rochelle
Miss Crabb
Miss Jeliazkova
step-sparring - Mr. Rochelle
Miss Crabb
Miss Jeliazkova
Advanced semi-free sparring - all three candidates went against each other in turn

more color belts to test
testing to 5th gup
Brodie Juergens - self defense, and a side kick break

BB candidates ho-sin-sul
Gabriel Rochelle and his partner Jared Juergens demostrate self-defense
Nandy Crabb and her partner Samara Ordahl demonstrate self-defense
Michelle Jeliazkova and her partner and dad, Dr. Jeliazkov demonstrate self-defense - great routines!

3 ranks of color belts to go
testing to 3rd gup
Jared Juergens
Middle twist kick break
testing to 2nd gup, Michelle volunteered to be thrown
testing to 1st gup

Black Belt candidate breaking - Mr. Rochelle flying side kick, downward knife hand tile, flying twin foot front kick
Miss Crabb - flying side kick
Miss Jeliazkova - downward knife hand tile break

Test Board for
10th through 6th Gup

Best of Test Awards:
Blaine Reeb -Best Break, instructor Mr. Giese
Rick Binks - Best Ho-Sin-Sul, instructor Sr. Master Martin
Alexis Brooks - Best Pattern, instructor Mrs.McDill

Test Board for
5th Gup and up.
Everyone was congratulated by Senior Master Martin
New Belts presented and tied by Master Johnson.
Sheridan's new 1st Degree Black Belts
The whole crew - what a great day!

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