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Sheridan Taekwon-Do Promotions
November 4, 2013

One week following the test in October, promotions bacame official with the presentation of new stripes, new belts, and certificates.
The evening started with some make-up breaks from the test, and ended with treats for everyone!
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Nandy - twin foot front kick & downward knife hand
Michelle - mid-air 180 back & twin foot front kick
Bob promoted to 9th gup.
Alisha Hamilton promoted to 9th gup.
Wendy Justice to 9th gup.
Emmy Lou Justice to 9th gup.
Donna Harvey to 8th gup.
Colin Peldo to 6th gup.
Paul Juergens to 6th gup.
Brodie Juergens to 5th gup.
Jared Juergens to 3rd gup.
Michelle Jeliazkova - 1st Degree Black Belt
Nandy Crabb - 1st Degree Black Belt
Gabriel Rochelle - 1st Degree Black Belt
Piper presented Gabriel with Bufus T. Kicker
Gabriel also received a bear, as a token for a great test!
After the promotion ceremony, there was a little party to celebrate, a time to tell testing stories and enjoy one another's company.

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