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Wyoming Color Belt & Masters Black Belt Test
October 27, 2012

The Casper Seniors Center was the venue for Mister Johnson's test to Master Instructor
and the Wyoming Color Belt Test.
There were many USTF dignitaries in attendance, including all four Grand Masters.
There were guests and spectators from around the country, Senior Masters and Masters and 6th Dans as well as family and friends of Mister Johnson's. Also, many of Wyoming's retired senior Black Belts came to watch the test.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Thank you Mr. Freire and Mr. Crabb for the pictures!

Everyone lined up. . .
Group patten Chon-Ji
Mr. Johnson began with patterns: Choong-Moo
and . . .
Paul Juergens testing to 8th gup.
Christina, Nandy
Elizabeth & Samara.
Mr. Johnson continued with more patterns. . .
Brodie Juergens testing to 6th gup.
Nathaniel Lydic and Jared Juergens testing to 4th gup.
ho-sin-sul Nice breaks!
  Pattern Tong-Il  
  The Test Board liked what they saw!  
Val & Michelle testing to 2nd gup - patterns, step sparring, ho-sin-sul. . .
and breaking. All breaks today were hand-held - no board machines.
Mister Johnson's breaks Pattern Se-Jong against attackers.
Defensive techniques were against live attacks; offensive techniques were board breaks.
Testing candidates - great job! Mr. Sisco, Mr. Giese
Mr. Jeliazkov (Sheridan TKD) - Best Beak
Ms. Robinson (Martin's TKD)- Best Pattern
Mr. - Best Ho Sin Sul
There were speeches and presentations - Senior Grand Master Sereff presented his traditional Samurai Sword, as a sign that he considered Master Johnson his Taekwon-Do warrior. Grand Master Renee Sereff said that Master Johnson possessed the three P's in abundance - passion, preparedness, and people that you surround yourself with. Senior Master Martin spoke of how rare it is that an instructor's dream for his student is the same as the student's dream, so that when that goal is reached it has specal significance. Master Johnson gave Senior Master Martin a metal sculpture he had commissioned for the courtyard at his do-jang, and thanked him for all his help along the journey.
Senior Master Martin presented Master Johnson's 7th Dan Belt
Senior Grand Master Sereff presented a Samurai sword
Grand Master Renee Sereff gave Master Johnson a scrapbook
Senior Master Martin also had a plaque for Master Johnson Master Johnson had a metal sculpture made for Senior Maser Martin Senior Master Martin, Senior Grand Master Sereff and Master Johnson
Master Johnson with his instructor
and the Grand Masters

October 27, 2012 - Casper, Wyoming Masters and Color Belt Test

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