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Wyoming Color Belt & Black Belt Test
July 14, 2012

Sheridan Taekwon-Do Club hosted this testing for Wyoming color belts and black belts.
Here are some photos of the Sheridan candidates on test day.

Click on any picture to see a larger image. (Thank you Christina Crabb for the pictures)

Lined up to start the day.
Rainy tested to 6th gup
step-sparring . . .
. . . ho-sin-sul
. . . and breaking.
Mrs. Connell called the Color Belt test.
Mr. Thompson called the Black Belt test.
Val and Michelle tested to 3rd gup.
Michelle step-sparring
Val demonstrating step-sparring
Michelle's ho-sin-sul,
twist kick, and downward knife hand break
Val's twist kick break
Samara Ordahl . . .
showing her kicks, and throwing Nandy around from 10 different attacks.
Flying side kick break.
Best of Test awards:
the view from the running track above the gym.
1st Degree Black Belts
with their Instructors -
Best Pattern - Rainy Mikelson
Best Breaks - Michelle Jeliazkova
Best Ho-Sin-Sul - Mr. Peterson
with their Instructors
Testing Candidates and the Test Board after a successful day.

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