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Wyoming Color Belt Test
October 29, 2011

Sheridan Taekwon-Do hosted the testing.
With over 40 candidates, it was a busy day!

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Testing to 8th Gup... Miss Relaford demonstrating Step-sparring and Ho-Sin-Sul
Adults testing to 7th Gup
Mr. Pedulla
The Test Board
Juniors testing to 7th Gup
Brody Step-sparring
Cade & Piper
Adults testing to 6th Gup
Flying kicks
Step-sparring - Mr. Jeliazkov, Miss Jeliazkova, and Mr. Bagwell
Foot breaks
Juniors testing to 6th Gup
Demonstrating kicks
Breaks: Daniel
Testing to 4th Gup
Nice tuck!
Testing to 3rd Gup
Testing to 2nd Gup
Mr. Rochelle
Miss Rogers
side kick
outward knife-hand
Mr. Freire - suspended

Best of Test
Award Winners:
Best Pattern - Ms. Christy
Best HoSinSul -
Mr. Johnstone
Best Break - Mr. Freire
Congratulations to all who tested!
New 2nd Gups were invited to stay for Black Belt Class following the test;
all Wyoming Black Belt Classes are open to Red Belt and above.

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