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November 14, 2011 Color Belt Promotion Ceremony

Promotion took place November 14 for the Sheridan students who tested on October 30.
Eleven students gained rank, ranging from 8th Gup Yellow Belt to 2nd Gup Red Belt.
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Tyra Relaford to 8th Gup, Yellow Belt
Cade Relaford to 7th Gup, Green Stripe
Piper O'Dell to 7th Gup
Brodie Juergens to 7th Gup
Jared Juergens to 6th Gup, Green Belt
Nathaniel Lydic to 6th Gup
Michelle Jeliazkova to 6th Gup
Aiden Bagwell to 6th Gup
Val Jeliazkov to 6th Gup
Gabriel Rochelle to 2nd Gup, Red Belt
Jennifer Rogers to 2nd Gup
Bufus T. Kicker was presented to Cade Relaford,
congratulations on a job well done and a great attitude!
Daniel Wolters to 6th Gup...
a week late, but feeling better now!
Group Pattern Chon-Ji

All smiles, and lots of new color...
After the ceremony... cookie treats, and time to play!

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