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Wyoming Camp and Testing
July 16, 2011

The Wyoming Color Belt and Black Belt test was held at Beartrap Meadow on Casper Mountain during the weekend camp July 15th-17th. It was a great time, with workouts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Testing took place on Saturday the 16th, followed by the ritual of the waterfall...

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The testing candidates warming up with Chon-Ji.
There were ranks ranging from 10th testing to 9th Gup all the way to IV Degree testing to V Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Flynn & Mr. Thompson
Pattern Yon-Gae
Pattern Ul-Ji
Mrs. Rosenof
Pattern Sam-Il
Pattern Yoo-Sin
I Degree candidates
Pattern Hwa-Rang
Tyra Relaford
10th to 9th gup candidates
Mr. Flynn & Mr. Thompson - Pattern Moon-Moo
Mrs. Rosenof
Pattern Choi-Yong
1st Dan Candidates - Pattern Choong Moo
8th Gup Candidates
Step-sparring, and ho-sin-sul.
7th Gup Candidates
Rainey and Michelle
5th Gup Candidates
3rd Gup Candidates
Self-Defense looks good!
V Dan Step-Sparring with take-downs
IV Dan Foot Sparring
I Dan Candidates Self-Defense
I Dan Candidates Self-Defense
Mr. Thompson - foot break (wooden boards) and hand break (cement tiles).

A group picture...testing candidates, self-defense and sparring partners, and test board,
then everyone headed to the river for the ritual of the waterfall...



Jennifer Rogers
Nandy Crabb
Gabe Rochelle
Rainy Michelson
Michelle Jeliazkova
a happy group!

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