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Wyoming Color Belt & Black Belt Test
October 30, 2010

Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do hosted the testing.
Grading the Black Belt test were Senior Master Neidig, Senior Master Martin, Master Steadman and Mrs. Neigid. Grading the Color Belts were Mr. Paulley, Mr. Flynn, Miss Schulte and Mrs. Kuhl.
Mr. Johnson called the Black Belt test; Mrs. Rosenof called the Color Belt test.

With 38 people on the floor to test, plus families and friends to watch, the gym was packed!.

Click on any picture to see a larger image. Photos courtesy of Dale Crabb.

The whole group.
Aiden tested to 8th Gup, Yellow Belt.
Nandy, Vera & Gabriel - patterns . . .
. . .and kicking
Wow! Nice kicks, Nandy.
Step sparring
Step sparring.
and Breaking
Everyone made their break...well done!
4 Black Belts tested today: Mr Sisco to VI Dan,
Mr.Giese- V Dan, Mrs.Connell & Mrs.Willcox- IV Dan.
Mrs. Connell, Mrs. Willcox
Mr. Giese had some amazing take-downs.
Mrs. Willcox can fly!
No-contact free sparring
Mr. Sisco
Mr. Giese
Mrs. Connell
Mrs. Willcox
Nandy was awarded
"Best Pattern"
Black Belts and their
Test Board
Mr. Johnson and the
Sheridan group.

Lots of smiles after all was said and done!

Five students were put through their paces to test for Yellow Stripe
at Sheridan Takewon-Do during the week following the state-wide testing.
They all did very well . . .

Jessie, Vlastimir & Nadja tested to 9th Gup on Nov. 1 - pictured here with their Test Board.
Nov. 3: Nikole and Jennifer getting instructions from Mr.Thompson - and afterward with their Test Board.

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