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November 8, 2010 Color Belt Promotion Ceremony

The Wyoming Color Belt & Black Belt Testing was held on October 30, and the promotion for the Sheridan students took place November 8 during class time.
Mr. Johnson spoke about General Choi Hong-Hi, the father and founder of TaeKwon-Do, who was born 92 years ago tomorrow, Nov. 9. Click here to see a biography and photos of General Choi.

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General Choi Hong-Hi
1918 - 2002
Pattern Chon-Ji performed by the new 9th and 8th Gups
Pattern Won-Hyo
Mrs. Connell to IV Dan Black Belt
Aiden Bagwell to 8th Gup, Yellow Belt
Nandy to 5th Gup, received Best Pattern at the test.
Vera Torkelson to 5th Gup
Gabriel Rochelle to 5th Gup
Nadja Gale to 9th Gup
Nikole Crivello to 9th Gup
Jennifer Crivello to 9th Gup
Vlastimir Gale to 9th Gup
Jessie Boll to 9th Gup
Piper passed Bufus to Nandy - Congratulations!

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