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March 20, 2010 Maestas Team Challenge

Maestas Tournament: Wyoming was well represented.
Sheridan sent a junior team, the 'Wyoming Wolf Pups', and four adult competitors.
Casper sent a junior team and an adult patterns team.

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19 junior teams were there to compete!

Last minute instructions, and here come the Wolf Pups!
Miss Murray called for pattern Do-San.
they finished the pattern, stepped off the floor, and . .
. . . delivered one loud wolf howl!
Samara Ordahl
Vera Torkelson
Nandy Crabb
McKenzie Murray
Nandy - 3 points!
Gabriel Rochelle
everyone was on the awards stand at least once.
1st Place Team Pattern
Mr. Connell, Choong-Jang
Dr. Murray 1st patterns
Mrs. Connell 1st patterns
Mr. Connell 1st sparring
The two Wyoming clubs came in 2nd & 3rd overall.
Trinity took first place.
The Sheridan competitors back at home.

Results for the Wyoming teams:

Sheridan Wyoming Wolf Pups
Team Pattern tied for 1st place
  Sheridan Taekwon-Do adult team
Overall team score: 3rd place
  McKenzie Murray, 2nd Gup, team captain.    
Samara Ordahl, 4th Gup:   DeeDee Connell, III Dan Black Belt:
  3rd breaking; 1st sparring.     1st patterns.
Vera Torkelson, 6th Gup:   Orrin Connell, II Dan Black Belt:
  2nd breaking.     1st sparring.
Gabriel Rochelle, 5th Gup:   Mike Murray, 1st Gup:
  2nd breaking, 3rd sparring.     1st patterns, 2nd breaking.
Nandy Crabb, 5th Gup:   Scott Torkelson, 4th Gup
  2nd breaking.      

Martin's Midgets
Team Pattern tied for 2nd place
  Casper adult team
Overall team score: 2nd place
Mr. Freire:   Mrs. Willcox:
  1st breaking.     3rd patterns, 1st breaking.
Miss Rayburn:   Mr. Hamilton:
  4th sparring.     3rd patterns, 2nd sparring .
Mr. Stack:   Mr. Smith:
  2nd sparring, 2nd breaking.     2nd patterns, 3rd sparring.
Mr. Smith:   Mr. Shane:
  3rd sparring, 1st breaking.     1st patterns.
Miss Smith:   Mr. Morgan:
  3rd breaking.     2nd sparring.
    Ms. Paris - injured, but traveled and supported the team at the tournament.

What did we learn? Here are some quotes:
"There is nothing like competition to teach you the value of training."

"I learned that it doesn’t matter the height or the rank of the person you’re sparring with. You ALWAYS need to be prepared for somebody more aggressive than you."

"I learned that being team-captain is somewhat nerve-wracking, as the team is relying on you. If you make a mistake, then the whole team follows. Also learned that when you are sparring with people bigger than you, you really listen to what your coach is telling you during and after the match, and you can use it at the next tournament. Every time you go to a tournament, it makes you a better martial artist."

"I learned that Sheridan students can compete, and do well, even at a large tournament and against larger schools. I also learned to not be intimidated even when sparring with students who are several ranks above me. And I also learned that being on the referee crew can be rewarding, as well as helping keep nerves under control."

"I felt that I  wasn’t prepared at the Maestas Team Challenge for the people I had to spar with. That is because the first tournament I went to was a small one and was easier."

"Competitors can turn out to be friends."

"Accuracy counts."


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