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July 17, 2010 Color Belt Test
Sheridan, Wyoming

Twenty-one candidates lined up at the July Wyoming Color Belt Test at the Sheridan YMCA.
The day started out with Mr. Johnson's M and M Demo Team putting on a great show. They've been working hard and it showed! It looks like they have a really good time along with all the hard work.
As soon as the M and M Team was finished, the testing got underway. From pee-wees to adults, it was a very good testing. The breaking in particular was excellent!
Congratulations to all who participated!

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

M and M's lined up for Senior Master Martin and the Test Board.

walking stance
summersaults, barrel rolls,
and kick the wavemaster
drop down, get up quick!
jump the noodle. . .
duck under. . .
rising block . . .
jump again!
low block knifehand
front punch
L-stance, guarding block
basic kicking
Senior Master Martin congratulated each one...
What a fine group of M&Ms!

The Color Belt Testing began straightaway. . .
(testing photos courtesy of Mr. Paulley)
Testing to 8th Gup, first the pee-wees and juniors, then the adults took their turn.
Pattern Chon-Ji
Nice load for side front kick!
Side piercing kick
Ho-sin-sul: Self-defense, working on joint locks.
Then the adults testing to 8th Gup showed their knowledge and techniques. . .
Front kicks
Side piercing kicks
Ho-sin-sul . .
. . . joint locks

Testing to 7th Gup:
show your patterns
step-sparring, and . . .
ho-sin-sul . . .everything looks great!

Testing to 5th Gup:
nice high kick!
ho-sin-sul . . . throws
first breaks of the day look good!

Testing to 2nd Gup:
and more
ho-sin-sul, demonstrating some very good throws!
front punch break
reverse knife hand, suspended board
flying side kick break

Best of Test Award Winners:
Best Ho-Sin-Sul, Kayla Stibley
Best Pattern, Birch Robinson
Best Break, Carmen Simone
All are Senior Master Martin's students.

The test board, along with attending Black Belts
The test board and testing candidates - all smiles!
Click here to see pictures of the promotion ceremony.

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