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January 23, 2010 Color Belt Test

The January Wyoming Color Belt Testing was held at the Casper Senior Center. This was a very large testing with over 40 color belts. There were two test boards going so that each group would have time to demonstrate their new techniques, patterns, step sparring, self-defense and breaking.
Congratulations to all who participated!

Mr. Johnson spoke to the candidates.
Sr. Master Martin greeted each one. . .
Nerves, what nerves?
10th Gups showing
good etiquette
10th gup testing to 8th.
All the breaks were
White Belts demonstrate
Front punch
5th gups demonstrated their kicks. . .
. . .and showed how to capture a kick.
Flying side piercing kick.
8th gups warmed up, demonstrated their patterns, and their new kicks
4th gup step-sparring and scissor kick take-down
Nice break!
8th gups - showed off their techniques, step sparring, and ho-sin-sul.
3rd gup patterns. . .
. . .their new kicks, and. . .
. . .ho-sin-sul
Mr Johnson and Mr. McDill called the test - thank you!
Board holders for the day -
good job gentlemen!
Best Ho-sin-sul
Mr. Stack
Best Pattern
Miss Crabb
Best Break
Mrs. Popp
Sr. Master Martin thanked Mr. Johnson for his years of service as Wyoming State Director.
Best of Test winners with the test board.

Candidates and Test Board - Great job everyone!

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