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February 2010
White Belt Test and Color Belt Promotion,
and the Class 'C' Instructor's Course at HQ.

Feburary 1st, the 10th Gup students performed their test to 9th Gup,
then the promotions for all the Color Belts took place.

Formal bow-in
the Test Board
Miss Murray called
the test.
Four-Direction Punch. .
and Four Direction Block.
Demonstrating kicking and punching.
Bowing in, then a demonstration of self-defense techniques. Good test, Judy, Jimmy, Jared and Cooper!
Mr. Torkelson and Mr. Duff each had a break to make, then everyone lined up for promotions, from the Wyoming Color Belt Test last week, and from tonight's tests.
Mr. Johnson with a word for everyone before the promotion.
Mr. Torkelson, 5th to 4th Gup.
Miss Ordahl . . .
5th to 4th Gup.
Mr Duff, 7th to 6th Gup.
Miss Torkelson, 7th to 6th Gup.
Miss Crabb . . .
Best Pattern at the testing . . . 8th to 7th Gup.
Miss Judy Chen, 10th to 9th Gup.
Mr. Jimmy Chen to 9th Gup.
Mr. Jared Juergens to 9th Gup.
Mr Cooper Smith to 9th Gup.
After the ceremony, snacks and fun!

Saturday and Sunday Feb. 6-7, Grand Master Winegar taught a Class 'C' Instructor's Course
at Headquarters in Broomfield, CO.
Attending the course from Sheridan were Mr. Johnson, Dr. Murray, Miss Ordahl, and Mr. Jess Johnson.
Not picured, Paul and Nathan Haworth.
Grand Master Winegar with
Miss Ordahl and Mr. Johnson.

February was a busy month! On the 8th, the Sheridan Takewon-Do M&M Class held its first-ever testing.

These little guys and girls were amazing!
Pictured here are all the M&Ms, along with Mr. Johnson and Miss Ordahl, who assists with the class.

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