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July 2009 Color Belt Test and
Wyoming Taekwon-Do Camp

The Wyoming Color Belt test was held at Beartrap Meadow on Casper Mountain during the weekend camp July 24th-26th, organized by Master Martin, with help from Mr. Sisco and others. It was a great time, with workouts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Testing took place on Saturday the 25th..
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training meadow

Saturday morning class

back side of Old Glory

lined up for testing...

10th to 9th Gup -
testing for yellow stripe

9th to 8th Gup patterns...
testing to

and step sparring
yellow belt

the test board.

8th to 7th Gup
testing for green stripe

7th to 6th testing for green belt - Mr. Patten had Best Ho-Sin-Sul

5th to 4th Gup

Best Break

4th to 3rd Gup -
Best Pattern
Testing Candidates
Everyone did a great job!
Test Board with Best Pattern, Best Break, and
Best Ho-Sin-Sul winners.
Mrs. Phillips made lunch for the whole camp
Thank You!
Everyone gathered for the
hike to the waterfall
What a beautiful spot...
Master Martin and Mr. Johnson started the show,
and we all took a turn in the cold water!
after Friday evening training
There's still time to play
after the long day!
After it got dark Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sisco
told ghost stories around the campfire.
Mr. Johnson taught Sunday morning class...
Happy Campers!
Back at the gym the following week, we held promotions - - -
Gabriel Rochelle from 9th Gup to 8th.
Arthur Patten from 7th Gup to 6th.


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