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Photos from November 2008

Promotion Ceremony
Monday November 3
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Ready and waiting...
Mrs. Eckert - 1st Gup
Mr. Rogers - 2nd Gup
Dr. Murray - 2nd Gup
Miss Murray - 4th Gup



Miss Gray - 6th Gup
Miss Ordahl - 7th Gup




Mr. Torkelson - 8th Gup
Miss Torkelson - 9th Gup
Miss Dickinson - 9th Gup
Mr. Gabriel Briggs - 9th Gup
Mr. Johnathan Briggs - 9th Gup
Miss Hernandez - 9th Gup
Mr. Patten - 9th Gup
Mr. Wiltse - 9th Gup
Mr. Williams - 9th Gup
New 9th Gups demonstrate 4-direction exercise.

Miss Ordahl presents 'Bufus T. Kicker' to Mr. Johnathan Briggs.
Congratulations on a job well done!


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