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Congratulations to those who tested in January.
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Wyoming Black Belt Class is February 4 at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do. This class is for all Black and Red Belts.
If you have a uniform that you're no longer using, or have outgrown, please consider donating it back to the club. We can pass that uniform on to another student.
Also any sparring gear in good shape!
Contact Senior Master Johnson.

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January 2023 BB Class
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Kicking combinations from Class B Instructors Course,
2010 and 2014

Word to the Wise

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew."
- St. Francis de Sales

Mental Discipline

Taekwon-Do is an art that implies a way of thinking and life, and particularly in instilling a sense of moral civilization and generating the power for justice. Every movement of Taekwon-Do is scientifically designed with specific purpose. Constant repetition teaches patience and the resolve to overcome any difficulty. The trememdous power generated from one's body develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place, and in any situation. Sparring teaches humility, courage, alertness and acuracy, adaptability as well as self-control. Patterns teach flexibility, grace, balance and coordination while the fundamental exercises develop precision and teach the method, principle, imagination and purpose.
- from the Enclyclopedia of Taekwon-Do by General Choi Hong-Hi

Man may occupy two positions in a lifetime
Basically there are two kinds of position; one is the five virtues given by heaven (humanity, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, trust), the other is given by man, such as a cabinet minister, bureau chief, and so on. Unfortunately man often relies too much on worldly position which is trasitory at best, for what man gives can also be taken away On the other hand, character virtues are eternal. This is not to say we reject all worldly things but rather that we keep both positions in proper balance so that the virtues of the former position provide guidance for the proper use of the latter.

Greed is insatiable
According to an ancient adage, "Constant material dissatisfaction is considered to be the root of all misfoutunes." There is no better way to self-satisfaction and human growth than the constant development of a generous nature.

Be humble
A weed holds up its head in arrogance while a mature grain bows its head in humility. Lao-Tzu taught that lofty virtue is like a deep valley into which all streams of water flow. A virtuous man will draw the respect of others toward him. In the same fashion, one who is selfish and egotistical will lose the respect of his fellow man and become despised and isolated.

No one is wise from the moment of birth. As human beings, we have many faults and are prone to make mistakes. However, once having acquired knowledge, we learn to correct these shortcomings.

Be soft
Because light is formless and soft, it can illuminate and give warmth to even hidden corners. As water can assume any shape or form, it can better serve the living things that need it to survive. Once water becomes part of the ocean, even the largest ship is like a mere leaf, and its awesome fury when aroused can conquer the tallest mountain.
If one claims to be strong, he will soon meet someone who is stronger. A tree, such as a sapling, can withstand a strong wind when it is soft and flexible but may be toppled or broken after it becomes old and brittle. The same principle also applies to human beings.

Respect of elders
As son respects parents, younger brother respects older brother, man must always respect his elders or seniors. This is the beauty of mankind, and one of the distinctions between human and animal.
Mencius said there are three things of value in human society; Position, Age, and Moral Integrity. In government, position is considered important, in a community, age, and for a leader or advisor, moral integrity. Indeed, there can be no children without parents, nor a young generation without the old generation. A society and a nation could not avoid chaos without its culture and social order being based on respect for the knowledge and the wisdom of its elders.

Respect the rights of others
To criticize someone who is better, to covet others' possessions and to steal the merits of others are the marks of an unscrupulous man. Mother nature does not make claims to her domain, yet all creatures within it acknowledge her eternal accomplishments. To help others develop and succeed in life is a reward in itself and has a true value only if nothing is expected in return.
Throughout human history, people who in jealousy have stolen the recognition due to others and have stolen their possessions out of greed have always left dark imprints of shame and dishonor.

Be just
To be correct and forthright is to live one's life correctly. Old sages used to say; "To common men, life is most valuable, and death, most fearful." However, a righteous man would value justice above life itself and would be willing to die rather than submit to injustice.

Be frugal
Since ancient times, excessive luxury and pleasure caused the downfall of many kings and nations, and history is full of such examples. Persons in leadership in particular must learn to be frugal and live moderately. As the old adage goes "If the water is muddy upstream, so it will be downstream."

The sweet wine you drink from the glittering cups
Flows from the tears of people who toil
The tender meat which fills the dishes of jade is torn from their aching flesh
Merrier you laugh, sadder they will weep
Louder you sing, more plaintive their lament.

Be discreet
In everything he does, a person must not be impulsive or reckless but be patient and thoughtful. "He who acts without thinking at least three times, will later regret his action" warns an old proverb.
Accordingly, on a matter of an important appointment or punishment, one must not decide hastily but must deliberate to reach a decision that is both fair and objective.

Know true happiness
Lao-Tzu pointed out that nature was based upon harmony in contrasts. For example, the universe was made up of two forces, Yin (female) and Yang (male). Other contrasts were hard and soft, long and short, day and night, solid and empty, cold and warm, big and small, beautiful and ugly.
All things in this world are relative to one another. Misery can only come from having been happy once and sorrow from joy. The wealthy and the powerful are not necessarily happy. For every rich person, there are countless poor and for each tyrant, a nation of oppressed. Mencius defined life's three happinesses as follows:
1) Healthy parents and harmony within the family.
2) To live with pride and honor through correct behavior.
3) To educate the young to become upright and useful members of society.

Let your actions speak for yourself
A closed mouth can save a fish from the hook as well as stay secrets from the enemy. To speak only what is meaningful is a sign of a cultivated person. People talk mostly to brag about themselves or to gain advantage over others.
A man of virtue expresses himself more through deeds than words. Thus, he influences others through living examples. In the old days, the truly effective way to teach was believed to be by the actions not by the words of the teacher.

Develop peace of mind
A clear pond becomes muddy if agitated and then returns to its original state when it is allowed to settle undisturbed.
It is said that calm will be able to conquer the heat. Undoubtedly you can endure the hottest summer heat if you sit calm and composed. Conversely, if you move too much in order to warm your freezing body you may get temporary relief, but it does not last too long.
We can attain peace of mind through meditation, by emptying our minds of all petty thoughts and returning to the natural state of man. Meditation in Taekwon-Do is an active moment to reflect on our past mistakes in silence and in the privacy of our thoughts, and through penitence, to continue our self-improvement toward becoming better men or women.

Be of firm mind
A person of strong conviction is unsuspicious and unafraid. When proved wrong, he has the moral strength to admit his mistakes to even the most humble and has courage to stand up to the mighty if he believes himself to be right in all matters.
Strong conviction can be gained through the broad and deep "Ki" - spirit. Ki is a form of active energy which fills every physical cell and organ while "Chi" - will be the motivating force: The former moves and the latter leads. If "Ki" is nurtured with great care and allowed to grow based on humanity and justice, its soaring power and outreaching strength can fill the heaven and earth, enabling man to reach a new height of great achievements, so Mencius exhorted his deciples.
On a more practical level "Ki" helps us to keep our minds clear and alert when the affairs of life become strained and confused, or sees us through sleepless nights when our loved one is gravely ill.

Be devoted
As meditation is to the religious, concentration and devotion is to the artist, and perseverance is to the labourer, so is moral culture is to the practitioner of the martial arts. In other words, a person's unflinching dedication to his own interest and duty is the source of life and power. Cultivation of mind, therefore, is no monolopy of any particular person.
In fact the sincerity and effort definitely produce the belief and the belief makes one able to reach the final goal. Moral culture is considered to be a cultivating movement to make one devote oneself to his work, whatever it might be, until his life and work become one.

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