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Congratulations to those who tested in January.
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Wyoming Black Belt Class is February 4 at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do. This class is for all Black and Red Belts.
If you have a uniform that you're no longer using, or have outgrown, please consider donating it back to the club. We can pass that uniform on to another student.
Also any sparring gear in good shape!
Contact Senior Master Johnson.

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January 2023 BB Class
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Kicking combinations from Class B Instructors Course,
2010 and 2014

Word to the Wise

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew."
- St. Francis de Sales



In Taekwon-Do a heavy emphasis is placed on moral culture, for it not only promotes a healthy body and keen mind but good sportsmanship and the perfection of moral behavior. As was first espoused in a sound mind, sound body, creative spirit concept, the more disciplined and cultivated the mind is, the more disciplined and cultivated will be the student's use of Taekwon-Do.

1. Humanity
Confucius defined humanity in the following ways:
A: To love people, especially one's parents.
B: Not asking others to do what you would rather not do.
C: To behave automatically with the nature of propriety by promoting moral sense.
D: To have unbending desire to accomplish what is right regardless of how insignificant the result may initially seem when compared to the amount of effort put forth.
E. To value others' honor before your own.
F. To put others' freedom before your own.

To implement humanity he said one should:
1) Practice utmost prudence, modesty and discretion in everyday life.
2) Devote oneself to assigned work be it large or small.
3) Demonstrate sincerity with whole-heartedness to others at all times.

2. Righteousness
The ability to feel ashamed of unjust acts and to do one's duty to others.
Righteousness is defined in the act of a certain army general depicted in the book of 'War Manual' written about 2,400 years ago: A general was taking a break from the grueling war with his soldiers by a river bank when an aide brought him a small carafe of wine for his refreshment. He took the carafe and slowly emptied it into the flowing river in full view of the puzzled soldiers and invited them to share the wine with him by taking a sip of the water from the river.
As to righteousness - Manfucius claimed it to be the fundamental virtue to be observed by a human being. Confucius said, "It is the supportive measure employed to enhance humanity thought to be the highest degree of virtue."

3. Propriety
Unlike animals fighting over food, a courteous man would offer another man a piece of bread even though both were starving, out of respect and good manners.
Confucius said, "Propriety must be practiced for the proper development of personality, and whoever lacks sincerity in his words, cannot be considered a gentleman."
He also said:
"Honesty without courtesy can be rather ruthless."
"Respectfulness without courtesy can make the recipient rather uncomfortable."
"Courageosness without courtesy can be rather violent."
"Prudence without courtesy can be rather cowardish."

4. Wisdom
The ability to judge right from wrong, not especially in matters concerning the right and wrong of others but in matters concerning oneself.
A wise man once said to his sons, "No matter how small it is you should not do what you realize is wrong. On the other hand you must do what is right no matter how small it may seem."

5. Trust
The ability to keep one's words and promises, not only to one's friends but to everyone in general. Without trust a person loses all principles and dignities and becomes a liar and a cheater.

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