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May 4, 2008 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Master Martin opened class, he asked us all to sign a sympathy card for Master McPhail of New Zealand . His daughter and others lost their lives in an auto accident. Master Martin then turned class over to Mr. Paulley.

Mr. Dale Paulley, V Dan from Casper was Black Belt Instructor for May. What a workout! Happy beads for everyone!

After a warm-up that included a lot of stretching, the work began with basics.

Starting with Chon-Ji, we did a group pattern, then worked on some specific techniques from that level. None of this "one or two techniques at a time" business either, but three or four kicks and a hand technique or two, set down facing the other way, and do it all again. Set down facing the way you started, and be ready to repeat. By the time the day was done we had gone through all the color belt patterns up through Hwa-Rang. Whew!

Mr. Paulley commented that it's not a good idea to go through your class pacing yourself, taking it easy on some techniques so that you'll have energy later. He noted that if you do, when it comes time to perform in earnest, your muscle memory won't be there, and you'll perform as you practiced - in a loose or lazy fashion, not to mention you'll lack fitness that you could have had if you worked hard throughout all of your classes.

Another thing to be aware of as you train or teach is that as you correct stances, make sure the foot that makes the correction is the last foot that stepped. Again, this will build muscle memory.

After going through several patterns, we partnered up to work on step-sparring: Intermediate Three-step, Intermediate Two-step, Advanced One-step, Beginning Semi-Free, and Advanced Semi-Free. It was discussed that Semi-Free should basically look like free sparring, not pre-arranged or slow and deliberate. It should go quickly, and after the "kill" both partners step back to L-Stance at the same time, one ki-yaps, and both partners step forward to baro, again at the same time. Then go right to the next (unscripted) routine.

Then, still with the same partners, everyone got some 'free time' to work on kicks in the air: mid-air or flying, combination, consecutive, or multiple kicks of our choice, back and forth.

Tournaments coming up in May: Next weekend (the 10th) in Rifle, Colorado, and the weekend after (the 17th) in SLC, Utah. There are several students from Wyoming going to each tournament. Way to go! Master Martin spoke on the importance of traveling and how much good it does you as a student of Taekwon-Do. Another "plus" about Wyoming students traveling out-of-state is that it makes it more likely that students from those states will come and support our tournament in Wyoming. That's good for everybody!

upcoming dates to remember:
Pee wee Test Thursday the 15th at the Rec Center.
Next Black Belt class will be June 1.
Sereff World camp July 13-18.
Wyoming Color Belt test Sheridan July 19.
Referee Course @ HQ August 23.
Wyoming Invitational Sept 20. Demos welcome.









Wyoming Black Belt Class, May 4, 2008

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