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March 2, 2008 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Mr. Bob Thompson, IV Dan from Sheridan was Black Belt Instructor for March. The class was all about self-defense...

Basics: Most people are right-handed, so if you are attacked it will most likely by your attacker's right hand, and he will grab and pull you in towards him (to his position of strength), not hold you at arm's length. Note: in demonstrating Ho Sin Sul at testings, and as we practice in class we need to work at getting away from that unrealistic arm's length attack. A bully wants a victim so make it a point NOT to be an obvious or easy victim; that will make it unlikely you'll be attacked in the first place. If you ARE attacked, your best chance is an immediate and vigorous response...your first try will be your best chance at escape because it will be a surprise. Take care to teach our students techniques that truly work, and how to execute them successfully. Imparting a false sense of security does them a disservice, and is not good Taekwon-Do. If a technique works for a small person against a large attacker, that's the technique to be teaching.

Cross grab release: come over his hand, grab your own, use the rub point with your wrist to release.
Joint locks: stay in close and keep your grip constant, dont 'wring the dishrag' by releasing and resetting your grip.
Straight grab release: use a softener, take the attacker's mind off the grip momentarily. Pulling away is not effective - the attacker will be expecting that. Step on his foot (instep) as you are pulled in, moving towards and past the attacker. Bump his chest with your shoulder.

Be aware of the legal consequences of what you do, but if it comes down to it, it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!

Understanding of pressure points: Without counterpressure they don't work; the person will simply move away from the pressure. Hold the opposite side of the head when using facial points. When studying pressure points, find out which ones need directional application, as well as which ones are activated by a strike, a rub or steady pressure. Use GB 20 at the base of the skull and S 3 on the cheeks to release tension and energy...these are especially helpful if students have been practicing and 'lighting up' points on one another.

Single grab to the lapel: Cover, rotate the wrist, take the forearm the other direction.
Single hand choke (attack): From the front or the back, use your other hand for backup. From the back, use your other hand and/or your body for counterpressure.
Two-handed choke (attack): From the rear, use thumb ridges at the arteries, clasping hands in front of the neck, knee to the back for counterpressure and stealing balance. To choke at arm's length doesn't work.

As one studies Ho Sin Sul, one learns how not to be locked up by learning what it takes to apply a lock.

Falling: side: Use slap arm close to the body, roll some to deflect energy.
throw-fall: Use feet and arms to absorb energy.
Capture a side kick: Start with fists to X-block, then open to grab. If you start with open hands you're likely to injure your fingers.


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