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July 26, 2008 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Sheridan Taekwon-Do

Master Martin taught July Black Belt Class, which followed the Wyoming Color Belt Test held at the Sheridan YMCA. The Wyoming instructors got a pat on the back for preparing their students so well for the testing.
Having said that, the first things Master Martin covered were some specific technical issues that showed up in the testing:
Crosses - it's important to make sure our students are doing the crosses correctly on ALL techniques.
L-Stances - make sure the feet are turned in 15 degrees (if you do this correctly, the big toe of the front foot will line up with the heel of the rear foot, and the stance will have the proper width of 2.5 cm from inside heel to back heel).
Hand position - the hand must be positioned so that the correct tool hits the target: the backfist strike in Do-San, turn the fist slightly; rising block w/forearm or knifehand, pay attention to which tool is over the center of the forehead; watch for correct hand position on all techniques.

* Students will follow what we do more than what we say, so if we as Instuctors/Black Belts don't demonstrate correct technique at all times, our students will pick up on that and think these things aren't important.

Pivot on the ball of the foot - When you are turning and stepping out to the next stance, balance recovery is not foot to foot, but a little U-shape.
Back kick - the tool is the footsword; the heel is used as the tool only for very close kicks when the leg cannot be fully extended. Remember fast retraction on all kicks.
Turning kicks - demonstrate the correct target for turning/side turning kicks. Make sure the hands are up in front while kicking.
Front kicks - the foot and the knee should finish the movement at the same time; if the knee/upper leg stops first, it makes the kick snap upward rather than straight into the target. The knee should be above the level of the target before the leg starts to extend.
Cross for the hooking block is wrists up & down, not back to back. Cross for the X-pressing, X-rising etc: the leg that's back, that hand is on top. If you're not sure, go to L-stance X-checking block; they're all like that one.

Everyone worked on 4-Direction Thrust: the opponent is side rear, and both fists are at the belt, not braced against the hip. The slide is 6" and both feet must end the slide at exactly the same time; don't let the front foot drag.
Each rank worked on their patterns.
Note: we all need to work on Ko-Dang.

Next Black Blelt Class is next Sunday August 3, at Master Martin's.

Upcoming Events:
Referee Course - August 23
Wyoming Invitational - September 20
Grandmaster Sereff's Fall Championships - October 12

Wyoming Black Belt Class, July 26, 2008

Wyoming Color Belt Test July 26, 2008

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