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December 7, 2008 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Master Martin opened class. After warm-ups led by Mr. Johnson, the class began working on kicks.

Kicking down the floor -
We commonly practice our kicks at the same levels, for instance a hook kick is almost always practiced to target the neck or head, not at belt level or below. Circumstances may dictate that a kick is most effective at some level other than where we usually practice it. We should be comfortable doing all kicks at a variety of levels. So, we began by working on basic kicks delivered to different levels:
*Front kick to target the neck/jaw - don't make it into a high kick! Show good foot position but retract it fast.
*Hook kick to target the lower abdomen or the groin.
*Crescent kick, step up, outward vertical kick to belt level. (Note: step-up is foot to foot, as opposed to double stepping motion which is back foot stepping in line with the front foot.)

When doing combination kicks, step close for balance from one kick to the next - time of recovery is shorter with smaller steps.

Remember what your application is - can be multiple opponents with combination kicks.

We as instructors should be a "Library of Techniques for Self-Defense".

Hand techniques -
Engage the hip with hand techniques: reverse knife hand spring style. This tech. can target the front of the opponent's face, attacking from the side. From guarding block, don't drop the hands.

When doing combination hand techniques without a change in stance, use knee spring only, do not shift the feet.

When sparring, use unusual techniques, not just the old stand-byes...work with your opponent in class to practice these. You should have many techniques in your arsenal.

We went on to do patterns by count, with Master Martin quizzing on the names of techniques, making corrections, noting reasons for the way a technique is performed, and what the target is.
Note: a slide is one and a half length of your own foot.

Then each rank went out as a group to perform their pattern.

Before closing class, Master Martin presented certificates from the Class A Instructor's Course.
Certified: Mr. Johnson.
Participated: Mr. Sisco.
Click here to see a photo from the course.

NOTE: No Black Belt Class in January.
January Color Belt Test - TBA
Feb 7: USTF Referee Course - Headquarters
Feb 28: USTF Referee Course - Salt Lake City
Feb 21-22: Class C Instructor's Course - Headquarters
April Black Belt Test in Casper - TBA (combined w/Color Belt Test?)







Wyoming Black Belt Class, December 7, 2008

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