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January 7, 2023 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin

Black Belt Class begins with a formal bow in.
 You know it’s good to get there a bit early and get a little extra pattern work with my instructor!
* From L stance > 1-2 punch
* From L stance > side front snap kick, 1-2 punch
* From L stance > guarding black with the knife-hand, Leg raises, echo the count to 10. Step forward and repeat
* From sitting stance > outward strike with the knife-hand
* From L stance > Side-piercing kick with the front leg / now double kick
Some times we have life changing issues, an example; Sr Master Johnson with 2 new knees of chrome and plastic. I’m still kickin’ sir! and we move on!
Train with both the left and the right hands and feet.
Lift the knee and hip to load, that’s the first part of the kick.
Be an expert at reaction time and don’t telegraph your own movements.
* From L stance > high side strike with the back-fist
* From L stance > high side strike with the back fist, side turning kick with the front leg. Use the ball of the foot, there is no pad when sparring and you get a better result.
* From L stance > side strike with the back-fist, front leg kicking consecutively side turning kick, side piercing kick, side turning kick with the instep.

High side strike with the back fist
Grand Master Martin demonstrating
upward block with the palm
Twist kick

* From rear foot stance > upward black with the palm, middle twist kick
Consider all six components of the theory of power when executing techniques. Equilibrium being of utmost importance.  Slow each movement down to gain coordination of balance through the entire movement.
* From L stance > stepping to the left, middle side block with the inner forearm, slipping the front foot to form a walking stance execute a low reverse thrust with the upset finger-tip
* From L stance > guarding block  with the outer forearm, step middle hook kick. Pull the tool across the target horizontally . You must lift the hip and load the kick to execute. The kick only goes about 2 feet across to the target. The hip pulls the kick through a light weight target. Use the hip to drive through the target.
When kicking a heavy target forget trying to go through, you must retract the kick on the same line as delivered. The back heel is the primary tool. The ball of the foot may be used when extended.
Maintain balance through out the kick so you can have quick recovery for another.

Hook kick - pull the tool across the target horizontally
if kicking a solid target, retract the kick
Red belts looking sharp!

* From sitting stance > side strike with the knife-hand. Create sine-Wave!
* From walking stance > middle punch. Create sine-wave!
*Four direction Thrust exercise.
*Po-Eun Facing ‘A’
Learn your pattern interpretation and diagram. It makes Taekwon-Do a living part of you.
Through training like black belt class and you can see an instructor wouldn’t ask any thing of you they would not do themselves. The best thing you can do to make your instructor happy is to show up and train.
*Ge-Baek > I dans. Concentration! Learn the pattern inside your body. ‘D’ can be in any direction according to where you line up and start.

I Dans . . . Gae-Baek

If you are embarrassed, if you feel you cannot make a mistake and hate to take correction, if it crushes you to get it wrong, then you need a better Taekwon-Do attitude. Every one watching is hoping you’ll get it right and make it through the challenge.
*Dan-Gun > II dans
*Do-San > III dans

II Dans . . .Dan Gun
III Dans . . .Do-San
III Dans . . .Do-San

These Second and Third Dan assistant instructors are around to help their instructor to give them their time willingly.

GM Martin working with Mr. Connell
Master Giese and Sr. Master Johnson
Sr. Master Sisco

Form two lines one facing the other and a partner.
Beginning three step sparring. 
Demonstrate defense against straight grab to the wrist, a double grab to the lapel, a double handed choke.
Demonstrate beginning two step sparring, beginning one step sparring.
Semi-free sparring should look like free sparring.

Working with a partner . . step sparring & self-defense
Semi-free and model sparring

We worked on model sparring
When doing no-contact free sparring there should be lots of ki-aps.
V dan and higher
* Po-Eun, Kwang-Gae, Tong Il
Sr Master Johnson demonstrating the first 3 moves of Tong-Il whith Grand Master Martin explaining each move.
Middle punch with the twin fist >> This  move means one country. (Speaking of Korea)
Horizontal strike with the knife-hand >> This move means two countries divided.
Middle inward block with the outer forearm >>This move means sudden attack.
Tong-Il >  VI dan, VII dan, VIII dan, IX dan. How cool is this!

Things coming up:
* January 21, 2023 > Color belt test at Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do. 10 am.
* Mr Fezer will be moving to Arizona and continue to Pilot for Sky West.
* Mr McDill has become a journeyman electrician. Congratulations!
* Mrs. McDill received from The Casper College Professionals a letter of gratitude for having an impact on the lives of our students.
* 2023 USTF transgender policy for competition is you compete as the way you were born. Check with your instructor for a formal statement put out by the USTF.
* October 2022 Ground Tactical ho-sin-sul certificates were handed out from the class master Giese taught.
* February 4, 2023 > Black Belt Class.
* February 25, 2023 Weapons Defense course > At Sereff Taekwon-Do in Broomfield Colorado, Taught by Master Giese. Instructors notify HQ of your students going.
* April 29, 2023 Black Belt / Color Belt testing in Rock Springs, Wyoming
* A surprise presentation of a belt buckle from the early 1980’s.

Master Giese and Bryan Boyer
Grand Master Martin with Jay Stewart

Two previous black belts of Grand Master Martin’s, Bryan Boyer I dan in 1983 and supported by Jay Stewart I dan in 1984. These two black belts came, supported by their wives and spoke to us before presenting a beautiful belt buckle  to someone who displayed the passion for Taekwon-Do like they had in “their day”. That someone was Master Giese! And the crowd cheered. Mr. Boyer left us with these words.

“Before I go I would like to leave you all with something to think about.

I believe God has a plan for us that is greater than we could have for ourselves. We have a destiny and God presents opportunities every day to fulfill it.

I believe we have free will to choose that destiny or not and that we should take responsibility for our choices and our actions.

I believe we should have a positive effect on those we come in contact with every day. There are many others with burdens greater than our own.

I Believe Jesus died so we might be freed from the eternal bonds of sin. We should honor this sacrifice in how we choose to live our lives.

I believe we should be forever grateful for the life we have and the life we have to come.”

Thank you for having me.
Mr. Bryan Boyer I dan 1983

Pictures and Review by Sr Master Johnson USTF-8-36

January 7, 2023 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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