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June 4, 2022 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin

As we bow into class we honor the flag of our country and pay respect to our instructor. After that a thoughtful moment of silence for the passing of Sr. Grand Master Sereff. It has been 48 days.
Grand Mater Martin welcomed everyone to black belt class. He said to modify movement if necessary due to physical condition.
We had a good warm up.
* Pattern Toi-Gye
* Pattern Joong-Gun

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pattern Toi-Gye
pattern Joong-Gun
take care in the transition from L-stance to walking stance

* We worked on stance length and width when changing from walking stance to L stance, and from L stance to walking stance.
* From L stance> Sliding forward to the outside of the opponents front foot, side strike with the back-fist and hands return to guarding. Target is the temple. The slide is to quickly close the distance to the opponent.  When a partner is holding a pad, for safety of the shoulder of the pad holder, strike from the outside in rather than the inside out. The pad holder should adjust for this. It is self preservation.

high side strike, sliding forward
when using a pad, strike from the outside in for your partner's sake

* From L stance> Slide forward to the inside of the opponents front foot, horizontal strike to the midsection with the back-fist. As you slide your back hand should come up in the face palm forward as a distraction and protection for ones own face.
Learn to relax so you can disguise your movement and beat the opponents timing.

horizontal strike to midsection
back hand is up as a distraction, and for protection

When sparring one hand is left up to guard your face. When performing fundamental movements that hand is brought to the hip for reaction force. Even when the hand is left up to guard the face there is still a bit of reaction force, it doesn’t just lay there.
When sliding know if you are inside or outside be ready to block and defend, who ever is on the inside has the longer arm. Work on timing of hands, eyes, foot and breath. Listen now to hear as you strike the pad. Use hip rotation not just the arm.
Sam, maybe you weigh 75 lbs. But you have good power.
The General was very small, what is important is technique!
Pick small specific targets. The solar plexus is a great target, learn where it is and how to hit it. Use the most effective way to deliver a blow.
To hit the floating ribs slide to the outside and position yourself to hit effectively.

pick a small specific target,,,
floating rib, or solar plexus
position yourself to strike effectively

*Scissor kick take-down> We have taught this to shoot in on the ground and roll attacking the knee either front or back. More effective way is to fly in hip to hip, grab the shoulder or sleeve then twist toppling your opponent. When sliding in from the floor it is necessary to post and push with the arms and there is a possibility of shoulder injury.

traditionally we teach this take-down comiing in low, attacking the knees
more effective to come in higher, taking opponent down from the hip

*Sweeps> Sweep in the direction of the toes with the side sole or back of the heel. A good sweep has a lot to do with timing.
*From L stance> Sweeping kick, side strike with the back fist. Sweeping the front foot and make body contact to take opponents balance.

working on sweeps - sweping with the side sole

*From L stance> Slide in, make body contact and sweep with the back-heel.

sweeping with the back heel - make body contact to take opponent's balance

*From L stance> Drop sweep> Drop the body and reverse spin around contacting the opponents back of leg with the back-heel. Tuck the other leg.

drop sweeps - using the front of your leg, be sure to tuck the other leg

drop sweep against a kick - sweping from the back, drop, reverse spin, use the heel to sweep, still tuck the bottom leg



We talk about continuing the Legacy of General Choi Hong-Hi, Sr. Grand Master C. E. Sereff, and Grand Master Martin, When you are where they are you will understand why this is important history. Keep it alive by telling stories and remembering instruction. Give credit to those who you have learned from. Disagreements, lost students, and students who have left due to life changes each takes a part of the instructor with them. Many have experienced that personally. We have no control of that, life changes for everyone. Students go off to school, off to the military, to law enforcement, to a new job opportunity. They start a family, a new school, which is also a part of you, or have serious injuries. Regardless if it is a reason or an excuse peoples lives change. Each of you will have your own stories. Each time a student is leaves, a bit of you goes with them.
This is why I, Sr Master Johnson come to black belt classes, travel to places to train, go to seminars, Sereff World Camp, to tournaments, and have camaraderie with others of like mind. All this with your instructors permission of course. It recharges me, I am inspired and encouraged. In this way I can continue training and teaching the Taekwon-Do I have learned. To carry on the Legacy of those Leaders before me. Remember that your students who stay and are loyal to you have a much bigger piece of you. Be mindful of them and be careful with them.
Grand Master Martin was very important to Sr. Grand Master Sereff. He relied on him and depended on Grand Master Martin. A relationship that went on for 51 years. When Sr Grand Master Sereff had heart surgery and Grand Master Martin had the seal of President, Sr Grand Master told him to take care of important decisions and that private conversations stay private. Keep the stories going it is important to you and to your schools.
*The Sr’s. Down to 5th dan related experiences they had with Sr Grand Master Sereff. Pass these memories you’ve had and heard to your students. Now as you look back you can realize how valuable these times were.
*The ZONE filming was a lifetime experience for all those who were involved in it. The videos from this filming have by the generosity of Master Jim Smith, been made available for all to watch. If you have not seen them ask your instructor, who can be sent a link.
*All students should learn the names of every one in your own school and in black belt class.
*Demonstrate power when you train...feel the pattern!
*Dallyon training with hand and arm
*The young may not have the understanding to realize just how valuable time with Sr. Grand Master Sereff teaching was, or that there would be an end to it. It was always a privilege to witness the respect and admiration, all, had for him. Take in as much as you can every time!
The people around them could see the respect he showed to General Choi, his instructor.
Grand Master Martin said that not once did Sr Grand Master Sereff say a cross word or belittling statement to him. Although he was stern he also gave direction. Grand Master Martin knows he is very fortunate.
Coming events are:
*The first Saturday of each month> Black Belt class, Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do
*July 23, 0222> Wyoming color belt test, Sheridan Taekwon-Do
*August 1, 2022> Wyoming Black Belt Class, Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do
*September 17, 2022> 22nd Annual Wyoming Invitational  USTF sanctioned
*October 15, 2022> Referee Course, Sereff Taekwon-Do
*October 16, 2022> Sereff Fall Championships, Broomfield
*November 6, 2022> Ground fighting course, Steel Dragon Taekwon-Do, Casper
*The first Saturday of each month> Black Belt class, Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do
Please know how important it is to support our Wyoming events. and attend as many of these events as possible.
Review by Sr Master Robin Johnson VIII dan
Pictures, layout and posting by Ms. DeeDee Connell VI dan
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New Black Belt Certificates were presented fom the April testing:
Miss Nicol, II Dan. Mr. Cummings, II Dan. Mr. Corey, I Dan.

June 4, 2022 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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