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February 5, 2022 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin

Before class the dojang floor was a busy place. Students and instructors greeting one another, visiting, warming up, going through patterns and some new red belts just trying to figure out where they fit in. Lots of energy, everyone ready to start Taekwon-Do training.
 Please keep Mrs. Story in your prayers. She passed away February 17, 2022
First order of things was a group picture. Look at the happy faces.
*from L stance> 1-2 punch
*from L stance> side front snap kick in place X5
 jump change and repeat.
Warm ups continued and then stretching.
*from L stance> middle side-turning kick to D, outward strike with the kinfe-hand and step back to C. The standing foot points away to BC (side rear) at the time of the kick.
Step forward and repeat, the standing foot points toward AC at the time of the kick. Recover after the kick, cross forearms to execute the outward strike.
*from L stance> side piercing kick to D. Lift the hip to load the kick and pivot to execute the kick.
Step forward and repeat.
*from rear-foot stance> upward block with the palm. Not scooping.
*from walking stance> bending ready stance type A, side piercing kick, reverse punch. From the bending stance you pivot for body position continuing to lift the hip to execute the kick. Foot sword is the tool created by flexing the foot inward while pulling the big toe back and the other four toes down. The closer you are to your target the more the knee stays up keeping focus on the use of the tool. This kick is enough to protect your self. For maximum power keep tool, knee and hip in line with more rotation.

Click on any photo to see a larger image
side piercing kick
bending ready stance type A
taking notes for the BB class review
pay attention to foot position

*downward strike with the knife-hand. When using this tool for power breaking, the forearm will contact the target but keep the focus on the knife-hand tool.
Excellent technique takes thousands of correct repetitions coordinate with your mass. When the tool is properly used your success increases.
Stay on the side of justice and protect family and other people.
Practice fundamental movements in the air, then on a soft target then on a hard target.
*from L stance> middle hook kick with the front leg targeting the solar plexus. Pick up your foot and lift your hip. Sep forward and repeat.
*from L stance> turning hook kick. Lift to load then pick the target. The knee tells you where the kick will go, learn this to create an edge. Watch the foot the knee the hip the shoulder the arm, watch the mass. Be a master at being able to beat the reaction time.
After time not sparring it feels a little weird. Keep the arms up guarding and maintain balance at the beginning and through the technique, you may need to pull out another tool or change technique.

middle hook kick
the knee points
watch the entire body
see the target, maintain balance

As you train every technique should have the six factors in the theory of power and always train as hard as you can, train fast! you’ll get used to it. Train smart and heal if you are injured.
Remember balance as you are turning.
 You can extend the foot to use the ball for a point.
*from L stance> combination kicking, hook kick, hook kick
*form L stance> reverse hook kick. You don’t start the kick from your forward stance it’s dangerous. Turn the head and as the body turns lift the hip, see and pick the target. There was a time when we just wanted to rock and roll now we have learned... we know we must be careful not to hurt our students or ourselves. Most start the reverse hook kick from too far away. When you are in range of your target and execute a reverse hook kick you stay in the same place, the supporting foot steps and turns staying in the same place allowing you to turn on your axis. Turn like you are a carousel horse. Pivoting on the ball puts you closer and you are turning on a moving axis.

As we are teaching it is hard to relay information to thirty different personalities and have everyone comprehend the same. In senior positions we must be careful not to change Taekwon-Do by something we’ve interpreted. Our charge is to keep Taekwon-Do as the General has taught us; a promise Sr. Grand Master Sereff made to General Choi and a like promise made by Grand Master Martin to Sr. Grand Master Sereff. We who are students of Grand Master Martin must continue the legacy as our instructors before us have. Train hard to get information and pass along to our students. We have and will make mistakes. It’s how you handle things to correct the mistake that  will determine who you are.. Black belt classes are held so we can come together and share with the leadership in Wyoming. We are a powerful force as we stand with Grand Master Martin.
And now over time our powerful bodies change with age and our powerful minds come to life as it is written and should be.
Reverse hook kick> set up and get your attention on the target, it is important to power to, and through, the target, pop the hip (quickly extend and retract the hip), tense the ankle to make contact. Remember not to start the kick too soon, the kick is this far, Grand Master holds up his hands about two and half feet apart. Focus on the little part that you want to hit, and the tool to hit with,  that is concentration. Targeting the target is not a penalty in Taekwon-Do.

the hook kick is this long
going over upcoming events
special guest, Master Giese's puppy

We broke into groups > bag work, breaking with the foot, breaking with the hand, team patterns. The do-jang was swirling with energy as each group came to life.
Grand Master Martin said to us: some of the best things in life, the most exhilarating times have been because of Taekwon-Do. Over fifty years there been times of joy, pain, emotional highs and lows. As I look and see I feel young but when I do I feel older. The training is so meaningful it takes you places you can’t see from where you are. Young ones will need to move up to leadership roles as Taekwon-Do progresses. We’ve seen it happen in Wyoming for as long as Taekwon-Do has been here.
General Choi wrote; teach with the body when young, with the mind when old and by moral precept even after death.
Find ways to motivate students to do better to continue moving forward towards leadership. So far schools have expanded in Casper to the Armory, Casper recreation center, and Casper College. Around the state to Rock Springs, Sheridan, Laramie, Worland, and to Forsyth Montana.
Speaking of motivation here are some coming events!
March 5, black belt class
March 19, Masteas School Challenge, Arvada
April 2, black belt class
April 23, USTF Technical Course, Grand Master Winegar
April 30, Wyoming testing
May 7, black belt class
July 23, tentative date Wyoming Testing, Sheridan
July 30, Ho-Sin-Sul, Broomfield, Master Stoppani
September 17, Wyoming Invitational, Sr Master Sisco
October 15 0r 22, Referee course, Broomfield.
October 16 or 21 Sereff Fall Championships
November, Ho-Sin-Sul course Wyoming
Pack up road warriors!

Review by: Sr. Master Johnson USTF-8-36
Hosting and Posting: Mrs DeeDee Connell USTF-6-217

Februry 5, 2022 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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