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May 2, 2021 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin, IX Dan

This is the second official Black Belt Class of the year. Grand Master Martin thanked us all for showing up... we are back on track with our regularly scheduled Black Belt Classes.There will be a lengthy Head Instructor meeting after class, so class will be a little short today.
We bagan warm-ups with 40 jumping jacks, and rising kicks.
At the color belt test in Rock Springs it was noted there were some problems with step-sparring format.
* From L-stance - High side turning kick.
* From L-stance - Back piercing kick.
* From L-stance - High side strike with the back fist, spring style reverse punch. Return to guarding block with the knife hand.
* From L-stance - Combination kicking, step hook kick, middle twisting kick.
* From L-stance - Reverse hook kick, high side strike with the back fist.
* From L-stance - Inward vertical kick, step outward downward kick.
* From L-stance - Side turning kick, step back to C.
Many people are straining and this causes tension - keep your hands up and relax.
Grand Master Martin noticed that there weren't very many red belts in attendance We should have 8 or 10 red belts and there are only 3. Encourage your red belts to attend Black Belt Class.
* From L-stance - 180 degree back piercing kick.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Hook kick.

180 degree back kick
Grand Master Martin still getting off the ground

* From L-stance - W-shaped block, stamping motion. Look at your toes to be sure you're in a correct sitting stance. Elbows should be slightly lower than shoulder level, bent at 90 degrees.
* From Low stance - high thrust with the flat fingertip.
* Turning, upward block with the palm in rear-foot stance.
* From L-stance - bending ready stance type A with high guarding block, side piercing kick. High punch is delivered with the kick - be sure to execute the punch with the forefist, not the side fist. The punch should be delivered in a regular punching motion (hip - armpit - target) rather than extending from guarding block which resembles a strike with the side fist.
* From Walking stance - strike with the front elbow, bringing the opposite palm to the front elbow. The strike is delivered with the backfist of the striking arm facing the ceiling. If this technique is delivered with the thumb knuckle up, range of motion is restricted and the wrong tool is used.

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Strike with the front elbow

Correct hand position for the elbow strike
Incorrect hand position for this strike

* From Walking stance - Consecutive techniques, low side block with the outer forearm, reverse strike with the front elbow. Notice the power that you have with your elbow. Work on the bag to develop your technique, and consider this technique for breaking. The technique slows down if it is executed with the side fist down; underfist down is better, and is correct.
Punching is good for longer range techniques. Elbows and knees are excellent choices for close range. We tend to be more comfortable from farther away, but you are out of range there. Learn to be comfortable in close. Hitting the surface does not cause injury or damage, the technique must have penetration to do damage to your opponent. A quarter of an inch of penetration makes a big difference.

Learn to be comfortable in close to use knee and elbow techniques
Just 1/4 inch penetration makes a big difference in the damage caused

As we get back to regular training and sparring, start slowly using drills. If you just pick up where you left off there is a good chance of injury.
Grand Master Martin asked everyone to come forward and off to the side to clear the floor. Red belts and 1st dans were first up for group patterns.
First gups and 1st dans - 4 direction thrust exercise and Hwa Rang. First gups - Choong Moo. 1st dans - Gae Baek.
Grand Master Martin asked all those watching if they had noticed any technical mistakes. Many of the seniors raised their hands. Grand Master added that any time you are watching patterns you should be practicing for judging patterns.
(It is interesting that those who are Instructors are the ones who noticed the errors.)

1st Gups & I degree Black Belts

4-direction thrust
Choong-Moo & Gae-Baek

2nd dans on the floor.
Look at the pictures on the wall, what do you notice? There are some pictures missing. Grand Master Martin said he is very proud of these pictures of the Wyoming Black Belts. The pictures are more important and meaningful to him than the trophies. Be very respectful of this home school! Your picture should be on the wall.
Pattern Eu-Am. Those looking on should be watching for errors. Pressing block vs. downward block: Pressing block the arms are extended down, blocking low. Downward block is delivered at solar plexus level. At the reverse turning kick, have control of your body all the way through the technique. Don't just fall into the sitting stance when stamping. It should be a controlled drop to increase mass, and needs to be coordinated with the technique.

II degree Black Belts demonstrated pattern Eu-Am

Very good pattern! But there are a few things to work on
Downward block is delivered at solar plexus level
Pressing block - the arms are extended down, blocking low

3rd dans - Sam Il.
Challenge yourself to learn the pattern interpretation, number of movements and diagram as you are learning your pattern. It makes your Taekwon-Do patterns more meaningful. And it will make you a better Instructor.

III degree Black Belts demonstrated pattern Sam-Il

It will make your pattern more meaningful if you study and learn the interpretation as you learn the pattern

4th dan - Sam Il.

Mr. Sisco, coming off a long lay-off, demonstrated Sam-Il


Grand Master Martin helped Mr. Sisco work through some techniques in Sam-Il

5th dans - Se-Jong.
7th-8th-9th dans - Tong-Il.

Grand Master Martin, Senior Master Johnson, and Master Sisco . .

. . . demonstrated pattern Tong-Il

Senior Master Johnson demonstrated an inside throw from a front kick, Grand Master Martin demonstrated an outside throw from a front kick. Mr. Bennett does an excellent job of falling!

Senior Master Johnson demonstrated an inside throw from a front kick

Grand Master Martin demonstrated an outside throw from a front kick

Master Giese demonstrated a single choke from the front, a double choke from the front, a single choke from the rear, and also a double choke from the rear. He made the distinction that these are blood chokes where the opponent will be rendered unconscious in just a few seconds, as opposed to a strangulation which is an air choke, which is very painful but can take up to a minute or more to render your opponent useless.

Single choke from the front
Single choke from the rear

Double choke from the front - fingers inside, reach deep into the collar
or thumbs inside

Double choke from the rear

Master Giese also demonstrated a throw against a punch, and pulling the opponent in to clinch from the outside, pulling the head down.

Master Giese demonstrating a throw against a punch

and finishing the throw.

Master Giese demonstrating a throw against a punch, using a clinch from the outside

and finishing the throw; note his footwork.
Class review by Sr. Master Robin Johnson
Pictures, layout by Ms. DeeDee Connell

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May 2, 2021 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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