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June 5, 2021 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin, IX Dan

Wyoming Taekwon-Do students from 4 cities and 8 do-jangs were lined up ready for class, Grand Master Martin peered over the bulkhead at the front of the class and said, “If you could only see you through my eyes,” and smiled a hearty smile. There were 29 of us, it was warm and the swamp cooler was on. I felt comfortable.
Grand Master Martin announced to the class that he was stepping back a bit and giving the head instructors more responsibility to work together throughout the state. It is vital that we continue with events that bring us together to train and continue to plan for more as it comes time. The head instructors were asked to step up! Continue to train our selves and stay free of injury, don’t do the things that are likely to do you harm.
Warm ups were counted out by the red belts.
Every other column step forward a step.
*From L stance > High side turning kick, step back to C. Note the “C” on the wall behind you.  Step switch and repeat.
* From L stance > Lead leg side piercing kick. If you have to shift your weight to the back leg it tells the opponent what your going to do. They will have you pegged by the little movements you make. The movement of the shoulders for a hand technique is a little different than stepping or kicking with the front or the back leg, jumping. Shorten your stance and move from the hips to help minimize telegraphing the technique, and don’t lean any more than you need for counter balance.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.  

Side turning kick.
This will telegraph the kick to your opponent

*From L stance > Front leg outward vertical kick. Lift the knee towards the opposite shoulder to prepare and load the kick. Watch body movement, you will recognize what is going to happen. Your brain is like a computer collecting and storing information as you see it, feel it, hear it, sense it. You learn!
*From L stance > Step hook kick to the groin area. The back heel is the tool. This is a self defense technique and not legal for tournament play.
Step switch and repeat. Nichole ‘Legs’ here is a head hunter. Yes ma'am because she can. Hit the target at 90 degrees with the knee slightly bent and in this case does not go through the target.

vertical kick - Ioad with knee to opposite shoulder
hit the open target
Hook kick - conact the target at 90 degrees
here the inner thigh is targeted

*From L stance > Lead leg inward downward kick. When you are in close drive the knee up under the guard of the opponent to hide the technique for just a split second and come down on the shoulder with the back heel is one application, another is to come across the guarding arm and down to clear their guard for continued attack. Another is to point the foot, and use the ball as the tool, applied for a target moving away or farther away. Don’t bring the leg outward too far, stay inside your body frame, solar plexus line. When you swing your leg out too far you are in poor body position and open for counter attack. Then, your opponent will celebrate.

downward kick - Iift the knee under the opponent's guard
come down on the arm to clear the opponent's guard
incorrect - kick is delivered outside the body
open for counter-attack

*From L stance > Middle back piercing kick.
Story time: Mr Ford walked into, at that time Mr Sereff’ s do-jang and said he studied Karate’ and what about Taekwon-Do? He asked what is your favorite kick?  Sr Grand Master replied, a back kick and described how it was done. Mr Ford stated that his instructor told him never to turn your back on the opponent and didn’t understand how it could be done. So to learn, we will spar. Sr. Grand Master Sereff showed him how by delivering a back kick that drove Mr Ford backwards and onto his butt, but he got up. It took 3 times and into a wall before he did not get up, but said, “I think I understand. Will you be my Instructor?” Mr Ford became Sr Grand Master’s first black belt in Casper.
Continued from back piercing kick > When you are one stance away keep the knee down to deliver the kick at a greater distance and to the pelvis. This for self defense, the heel sole is used. Just above the belt for tournament play. When you are closer keep the knee up and use the foot sword as the tool. Do not be in a long stance. You must turn quickly on your center of gravity. The midsection is the target area. That’s a beautiful kick Mr Naus but where is your power? Yes right off the top of the hip and the hip should be lifted for proper delivery. Do not lean! Only enough for counter balance.

Back kick - pelvis is targeted with the knee down
above the belt for tournament
when closer, knee is up, footsword is the tool
turn quickly on your center of gravity
kick is delivered too high for maximum power

Think of the theory of power with every technique. Speed, equilibrium, breath control, reaction force, and mass. You must include all these factors in your techniques as you train. It takes time to develop and bring these factors into a single coordinated movement which helps create the rhythm when performing patterns. Patterns are a demonstration of technique.
“I see faces that make my heart grow,” Grand Master Martin said in a calm low voice. We all make up the Wyoming Taekwon-Do family. In order to be strong we need a way to get together, to learn one an others names. We will be fierce competitors and we will still remain brother and sister. Seek excellence in all you do.

After the water break we lined back up then moved to the front and around the edges to make room for patterns by rank and so everyone could watch. (It’s always a test.)
Red belts on the floor. Learn your position to line up. Black belts are assigned numbers, the color belts line up according to your test date.  There will be 44 pair of eyes watching you, how do you feel? Are you nervous?
Three 2nd gup > Hwa-Rang, four direction thrust exercise and Hwa-Rang by count.
Five 1st gup > Hwa-Rang, four direction thrust exercise and Choong-Moo by count.
Do not be embarrassed by mistakes in class, you are learning. If you mess up accept it and improve.

1st and 2nd gups performed Hwa-Rang. . . .1st gups Choong-Moo . . . . then their patterns by count

Seven I dan > Po-Eun, 36 movements the diagram is a horizontal line. Sometimes there is limited space for training. Instructors take this into consideration. Students were instructed to line up in another direction to accommodate the stepping diagram for this pattern. Techniques identified by the students performing the patterns were; Thrust with the back elbow because of full facing. Horizontal punch. U-shape grasp in L stance to twist and take away, (U-shape block performed in fixed stance to block). Adjust your stance and weight distribution for the task performed. Low guarding block with the reverse knife-hand in a sitting stance.
At a seminar or other course when volunteers are asked for, many lower their eyes and head to avoid being picked. But if you do raise you hand and are singled out to be taught one on one it could be life changing. It has been for many who have been singled out by General Choi or Sr Grand Master Sereff. “It’s always a test”. Be prepared or suffer. Grand Master Martin shared life changing stories of both good and bad experiences. (It’s good to have been at black belt class to hear such stories.)

I degree black belts demonstrated pattern Po-Eun. Grand Master Martin had inserted some higher ranks in the line to help

Two II dan > Eui-Am. For downward block prepare with arms at high section blocking downward stopping at solar plexis level. For pressing block prepare with arms at chest level and extended to low section.
Now thinking about the Wyoming Invitational Tournament...Who is going to be on a judging panel? Know the technical content for every movement. Encourage students to be in front and watch others perform patterns and to use your mind to evaluate technique so you can judge. To be a good judge you also need to recognize the pattern correctly as a mirror image.
An Instructor can have 8 or 10 rank levels in one class. You need to see each and every technique. For the experience instructor the use of mirrors is very useful to see everything. Note the mirrors in Grand Master Martin’s school.

II degree black belts demonstrated pattern Eu-Am

One III dan > Sam-Il
Two IV dan > Sam-Il. Yon-Gae. Defense for back piercing kick is waist block and can easily be continued into a take down.

III degree and IV degree black belts demonstrated Sam-Il

IV degree black belt demonstrated pattern Yon-Gae

Three V dan > So-San 72 movements, the most movements of all the patterns. The second pattern practiced by the V degree and higher is Se-Jong, the shortest black belt pattern. The 24 movements in Se-Jong are all different to represent the Korean alphabet. The diagram is the sign of the King. King Se-Jong was the greatest Korean King.

V degree black belts did two patterns, So-San and the one pictured here: Se-Jong

Years ago at an International Instructor course Grand Master Martin was once asked a question by the General, unable to clearly understand the question and give the correct answer, the General called him an amateur. This was devastating to Grand Master Martin and broke his heart. He wanted to quit. Instead  he used that as a driving force to became the best instructor he could be. Then there was redemption when at VI dan Grand Master Martin had the opportunity to learn So-San from the General. A picture on the wall at Martin’s Taekwon-Do shows this event.
Grand Master Martin said when he sees stuff that's not right it makes him work harder.
Three VI dan >
Two VII dan >
One VIII dan >
One IX dan >  All performing Tong-Il. Man that’s cool.

VI through IX degree black belts . . . . Tong-Il

*July 24 Sr Master Johnson will host a Wyoming color belt testing at the Sheridan county YMCA.
*August 21 Grand Master Martin will host a referee course at Martin’s Taekwon-Do taught by Grand  Master Steadman.
*September 18 Master Sisco will promote the 21st Wyoming Invitational Tournament held at the Casper Rec Center.
*October 16 Master Giese will host a basic Ho-Sin-Sul course at the Wyoming National Guard Armory open to all ages and ranks.
*October 30 is the date for a Wyoming black belt testing in Casper. Instructors are to submit candidates to the Wyoming State Director.
*A date and location for the October color belt testing has not been determined.
A celebration of life was held in Colorado for Grand Master Paul DeBaca this past Friday. He was a mediator who sought out the good in people. He loved everyone.
A group picture was taken as always but notice Master Sisco standing beside Mr Sisco. The only picture of the two twin brothers standing beside each other in Taekwon-Do.
Grand Master Martin called a meeting with the head instructors. We should be using the newest version of score sheets for judging. Examples are in the red USTF Tournament Rules and Regulations book copy right 2018. The newest blue Patterns book is copy right 2009.
Get our students fired up and excited about our Wyoming Tournament. Three member team breaking for juniors and adults will continue this year.
We are tasked with the challenge of bringing our next senior people up into leadership positions.

Class review by Sr. Master Robin Johnson
Pictures, layout by Ms. DeeDee Connell

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June 5, 2021 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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