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April 24, 2021 Wyoming Black Belt Class
after Color Belt Testing in Rock Springs

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin, IX Dan

We lined up with 17 on the floor to train. Grand Master Martin said our individual schools have been apart for a long time, unable to gather for training and events.
We did have a few Zoom classes but I the author of the review refused to document such event with a review.
With permission Mr Jason Armstrong had a special presentation. Mr Armstrong a III dan, retired, former student at Rock Springs Taekwon-Do and former head instructor of UW Taekwon-Do in Laramie, Wyoming presented to Mrs. Megan Garretson a II dan black belt that had been passed, now 4 generations of instructor to student. From Bill Strouse to Ed Tardoni to Jason Armstrong to Megan Garretson now a student of Sr Master Johnson.

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Presentation of the II Dan belt, originally Bill Strouse, to Ed Tardoni, to Jason Armstrong, now to Mrs. Garretson

As class started Grand Master could notice things were off a little today, and said so. As it has been for many who have adapted to the Covid situation. He said we have all managed our Taekwon-Do schools to keep them going and growing!
We, Wyoming are back on our quarterly testing rotation for color belt advancement starting right here today at the spring (April) testing hosted by Mr. Flynn and Rock Springs Taekwon-Do at the city Recreation Center. Thank you to the Instructors who prepared their students and sat on the State Test Board. Congratulations to the students who participated today and for the support given by their family.
Appreciation to all who traveled because there is much more to Taekwon-Do than just your regular training at class. Things like community service, travel, our Wyoming Invitational may be the only tournament in the country this year. Other parts of the country the venues are not allowing such events as yet. There will be other courses planned in Wyoming for this year as well. So plan, invite, go and do, always keeping appropriate etiquette in mind.
From L stance> side front snap kick, side front snap kick, combination kicking.
From L stance> ? Front leg side piercing kick, side turning kick, consecutive kicking set down side strike with the back-fist.
From L stance> ? Side thrusting kick.
From L stance> front checking kick, side checking kick, in combination, knee stays bent.
From L stance> front leg outward pressing kick, inward pressing kick, in combination. Grand Master Martin demonstrated application of outward pressing by lifting the front knee to the front (C-D line) and executing with the target at the side, this done without pivoting the supporting foot. This demonstrates the angle and direction and method of application. Inward pressing kick was demonstrated delivering the kick toward the front at a level above the waist line.
From L stance> outward vertical kick.
From L stance> inward vertical kick. Both kicks hit the target at a 90 degree angle.
From L stance> W shape block in stamping motion. Body becomes full facing with stamping foot forward and at knee level just before execution with body torque. The arms remain the same through the technique, with elbows slightly lower than the shoulder level, arms bent 90 degrees at the elbows. The outer forearm is the tool blocking eye level attack. Motion does not stop once the movement begins.
From L stance> stamping kick. The tool is the foot sword so the body must be turned to the proper direction and angle so that the proper tool is used naturally. The target is the instep with the shin as secondary target by scraping down the shin and stamping the instep.

stamping kick - tool is the foot sword
pressing kick, lift the knee to the front on C-D line. The kick is delivered to the side.
this is a target for pressing kick, side attack

From L stance> back snap kick. The back heel comes straight up to the target. When training, the hand may be placed behind to simulate a target. Don’t do this when performing.
From L stance> stamping kick to D, high kick consecutive.  Stamping kick to C, back snap kick consecutive.
It was noticed there were step sparring format errors throughout the testing today. Some due to practicing with social distancing.
From attention stance> step forward to measure, learning the distance needed for attack and defense. Teach the brain and the foot that steps to step correctly. We discussed that doing all adjustment with the back foot was teaching the wrong foot and would create problems.
Use the correct tool all the time.
When prompted by the instructor> three step sparring may be performed using advanced black belt techniques.
Semi-free sparring> for beginning there are three and a half exchanges. For advanced there are five and a half exchanges. By giving every technique, attack and defense, a count, beginning “wins” on seven, advanced “wins” on eleven. The “kill” technique is undefended.
Grand Master Martin says “let’s just spar” and keep count or learn the rhythm.
September 18 will be the date for discussion of the Wyoming Invitational tournament next week at black belt class.
Think of seminars we want to have in Wyoming so we can plan for them to happen.
Grand Master Martin turned to each head Instructor individually as we promised to be in attendance of May 2, 2021 black belt class.  “This is important!”
Each head instructor is to bring the history of their Taekwon-Do school.

The Sheridan group: James, Elena, Jeannie, Darton, and Sam,
with Senior Master Johnson and Mrs. Garretson
Best of test awards:
Best Break - Mr. Kevin Smith of Rock Springs
Best Pattern - Mr. James Gleason of Casper Rec Center
Best Step-sparring - Ms. Lisette Carty of Casper St. Anthony

Pictures and review by Sr Master Johnson USTF-8-36

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April 24, 2021 Wyoming Testing and Black Belt Class

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