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September 13, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Washington Park in Casper

Instructor - Grand Master Stan Martin, IX Dan

Wow! The heart is warmed and the spirit enriched. Seeing and training with our Taekwon-Do Family touches each of us deeply. It is necessary for us to meet like this for black belt classes.
Grand Master Martin made all of us feel comfortable wearing a mask or not, completely up to each individual and how each of us needs to deal with the covid 19 situation.
We lined up with a generous 6 feet plus between us. Seems safe by some standards, but; This is Taekwon-Do! Where it is possible to attack or defend in all directions.
It was agreed that chain saws are not as bad as basketballs.
Outside training allows the option for shoes, hat, sunglasses.
Grand Master Martin selected Mr K. Naus to lead warm-ups.

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amphitheater at the park, can you see Grand Master Martin?
Grand Master checking out the venue
lined up, ready to train
Welcome to all -
going over today's guidelines

*From L stance > Reverse punch.
*From L stance > Guarding block  w/ knife hand
*From L stance> step to sitting stance, outward strike w/ knife-hand, shifting the front leg to walking stance execute reverse punch.
*From L stance > side front snap kick, side strike w/ back-fist, side piercing kick w/ the front leg, Miss Nicol did a great demonstration of this combination.

*From L stance > back piercing kick, guarding block, hook kick with the front leg, guarding block with the knife-hands.
We are training on grass with a 3 percent grade, work on your balance first, then the technique.
Training could be in a parking lot with shoes on or not. Grand Masters’ instructor would have them train in the living room with obstacles. Good practice for a bar fight. That is where most fights start. If you go down, like fall to the ground in that situation it would be like what happened to Custer.
 A back kick delivered with a wide set up would not be good for a big break.
 With the hook kick the idea is to lift the knee then hip to start the kick when it is disguised or briefly hidden by the opponents own guard. Lift your kick on the C-D line unless your opponent moves, then you must adjust. Then the leg extends as the hips roll over, the back heel pulls through the target traveling this far, Grand Master Martin holds his hands up to show how far. I would describe it as moving horizontally from side front to side front.
*From L stance > High kick, step outward downward kick. Lift the knee to the inside then the back heel is delivered vertically on the C-D line.
With seventy percent of your weight on the back leg it is possible to initiate the kick without noticeable body shift.

high kick, step outward downward kick
lift the knee to the inside, then the back heel is delivered vertically on the C-D line

A pick shape kick would be used when your opponent is running and you are extending to catch him.
To deliver an inward strike with the reverse knife-hand keep the elbow slightly bent.

L stance, guarding block with the knife hand
Inward strike with the reverse knife hand . . .
. . . keep the elbow slightly bent

*From L stance > 180 degree outward vertical kick, no jump.  Keep the knee slightly bent. This set of kicks were performed row by row.
Deliver techniques properly to avoid injury. The recovery times gets longer as we age.
Sr Master Johnson was selected to demonstrate. Keep the center of gravity between the legs especially while turning.
*From L stance > step reverse punch, middle reverse hook kick.
Injuries do not mean stop Taekwon-Do, even when the body gets old.
Taekwon-Do changes people's lives. Work to build schools and train more students.
*From L stance > step to a rear foot stance upward block with the palm, middle twist kick with the front leg, set to an L stance high side strike with the back fist.
Use the whole body! Reset and reload each technique.

rear foot stance, upward block with the palm
middle twist kick
high side strike with the back fist

We are not yet allowed to have contact but there are a lot of other things we can be doing.
Patterns are where power and coordination are learned and improved.
Get better at blocking. Blocking can stop a conflict.
*From L stance > Reverse turning kick.
In patterns we learn to arrest the kick so it stops at the desired direction. Now practice fast and do not stop the kick, kick through. You must learn speed to break a non-supported board.
*From L stance > Kick with one side and stop like in a pattern. Kick with the other side fast and pull through the target.
Reverse turning kick is like a turning kick; the target is at the side front.
To use a kick like this in sparring you must first set them up with another technique.
If you use it a little in sparring, sometimes it will work. If you use it a lot and get good at it , most of the time it works.
You must wind up the upper body and release. Wind up like grandpa’s pocket watch until you can see your opponent. Not too tight now don’t break the spring! To kick bring the leg around to follow the body.
*From walking stance > Vertical punch with the twin fist.
You are crushing one target, the face.
The technique is delivered in a circular motion, back to the hips with the back knuckles down, up to the arm pit or pec muscles and forward to the target, rotating the fists at the end.

Vertical punch with the twin fist - delivered in a circular motion

*From walking stance > Upset punch with the twin fists.
Delivered in a circular motion starting with the back knuckles down beginning at the arm pit down to the hips and forward to the target. The back knuckles should be level with the under forearm to utilize the tool properly.
*From walking stance > Rising block with the outer forearm.
*There are five options for time and motions between techniques. Regular, continuous, fast, connecting and slow.
*From walking stance > low block with the outer forearm, regular.
*From walking stance > Low block rising block, continuous.
*From walking stance > Low front snap kick, obverse punch reverse punch, fast
*From walking stance > Hooking block, reverse hooking block obverse punch, connecting
*From low stance >  pressing block with the palm
Grand Master Martin says “Now a trip down memory lane.”
*From walking stance > Repeat all five sets of techniques with proper motions.

5 motions - regular, continuous, fast, connecting, and slow - practice them all!

Everyone here is an instructor or an assistant instructor, always keep a couple of steps ahead. Grand Master Martin says he is most fortunate because he has students from 9th gup to VIII dan. He said for him I dan was the most disappointing rank due to the unrealistic ideals one has for black belt. In class at your own schools you have worked to get to the front of the class and when you come to black belt class you may find yourself back in the back row. You keep going!
Grand Master Martin said to us. “You have no idea of the influence you have in front of a class.” He has told us that many times.
We are given a goal, persevere to continue this class, it is most important.
Grand Master Martin, also a master of artifact finding found a small whiffel ball, a park artifact. 
*4-direction thrust
Patterns by group and by count.
* VI dan through VIII dan, Tong Il
* V dan Se Jong & So-San
* IV dan Sam-Il
* I dan Gae-Baek, Kwang-Gae

Patterns by group
V Dans, Se-Jong & So-San

I Dans, Gae-Baek & Kwang-Gae
first gups, Choong-Moo

first gups
second gup, Hwa-Rang

Report from the Taekwon-Do schools around Wyoming:
Sr Master Johnson, Sheridan Taekwon-Do Club; planning an inter class tournament to be held Sept 21, 23, and 25.
Mr Giese, Wyoming Taekwon-Do @ the Armory; The armory is still closed. Mr Giese is teaching out of the church he attends.
Mr Flynn, Rock Springs Taekwon-do; Talked about a virtual tournament that the NBL is conducting via video. Sept 17-18.
Mrs Wilcox,  Sept 21 is the date for back to training at St Anthony Taekwon-Do.
Mrs McDill, Casper College Taekwon-Do; Masks and social distancing required and has 11 students.
Mr McDill, Snowy Range Taekwon-Do; did not have to shut down but Mr McDill’s work schedule makes to hard to teach the beginners, so one of the junior students is teaching them. (work has always gotten in the way of Taekwon-Do)
Mrs Kuhl, Casper Rec Center Taekwon-Do; 7 core students plus some new.
Grand Master Martin, Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do; down 25% in class size but is as full as he can be to follow the rules.
There is a black belt testing scheduled for October 3, 2020 at Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do. Grand Master Sereff will be a special guest and examiner for the test. There are 10 candidates from I dan to VI dan. Family members will be able to perform step sparring and ho-sin-sul. Others will be required to make up that portion of their test at a later date.
September 12, 2020 eight students were promoted to VIII dan via zoom. It was better this way than not at all.

Pictures and review by Sr Master Johnson USTF-8-36

our Wyoming senior ranks, like everyone else, having a great day training together!

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September 13, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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