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March 1, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

March is coming in like a lion! Snowing all morning in Casper.
Last month at the ho-sin-sul course in Utah, there were a couple of visitors. They saw a USTF course and they knew, "this is Taekwon-Do!"
There were four from Wyoming who attended a step-sparring course in Sandy, Utah Saturday February 29,2020. the excellent course was taught by Master Pettijohn of Colorado.
Grand Master Martin praised the black belt students from his class who stepped up and kept the Friday night class going. He then informed them there would be no music during regular classes.
From L stance > Modified L stance 1–2 punch.
From L stance > Outward strike with the knife-hand-2 punch.
From L stance > Side front snap kick, 1-2 punch.
From L stance > Consecutive kicking side front snap kick to C, side piercing kick to B, twin block with the outer forearm.
From L stance > Back piercing kick, twin block.
From L stance > Double back piercing kick, guarding block with the knife-hands. Balance recovery for the kick is at the center or half way point.
From L stance > Combination kicking, step outward downward kick, hook kick, high side strike with the back-fist. Double stepping; step through to the side front.
From L stance > Reverse punch, middle reverse turning kick, guarding block.
From L stance > Jump change, jump change.
From L stance > Middle twisting kick, step high twisting kick.
From L stance > Side turning kick, step side piercing kick, guarding block.
From L stance > High kick, skip side front snap kick.
From sitting stance > W-shape block, side piercing kick with the forward leg.
From Baro > little hops, hands up. Rotation of knees and hips. Squat and stretch…
From L stance > Rising kick, echo the count. Sep forward and repeat.
Red belts and I dans off to the side.
Hwa-Rang, Joong-Gun.

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techniques down the floor
II Dans and up -- Hwa-Rang

II Dans and up -- Hwa-Rang and Joong-Gun

Red belts and I dans > Three-step sparring alone attacking with the foot, defending against foot attack. Toi-Gye, Won-Hyo.

Red Belts and I Dans working on patterns Toi-Gye and Won-Hyo

Gather together for a group picture before anyone has to leave (photo at bottom of page).
Red belts and I dans > four-direction thrust exercise. Forming with a partner, two-way three-step sparring. Attacker and defender do not change roles only direction. The routine is continued immediately after the counter attack without coming to attention.
When measuring for attack in three-step sparring step a few inches to the outside of the defenders foot to accommodate for open parallel ready stance.  As the attacker steps back, he should pause at the balance recovery point to allow defender to time his own step to ready stance.

three-step sparring with a partner
measure a few inches outside of your partner's foot before stepping back

first step
second step
third step, counter attack

change direction, keeping the same roles.
third step, counter attack

working on step sparring, discussing distance for counter attack

Beginning Semi-free sparring > Be spontaneous, tournament rules apply. Do not kill, ‘Win’ on the last counter attack. Seven techniques
Advanced semi-free sparring > After the win step forward into an L stance, pause, then step back into an L stance and ki-ap. Eleven techniques. Do not become so familiar with your partner that it resembles any type of prearrange sparring. A triple kick is equal to three techniques. When dodging do not take yourself out of range for counter attack.
There was discussion about the return to ready stance.
In three-step sparring it is agreed that the return to original junbi position be in the fewest amount of steps and that the right leg returns to ready stance. The question remains when do you return to original junbi position? Before the return to ready stance, or after the return to ready stance?
Coming attractions:
March 21,2020 Masteas School Challenge, Arvada, Colorado
April 5, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
April 18, 2020 Axe Invitational Tournament, Bellvue, Nebraska
April 25, 2020 Wyoming Color Belt, Black Belt Testing, Rock Springs, Wyoming
May 3, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
May 16, 2020 UCHTA Tournament, Sandy, Utah
June 7, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
June 21-26, 2020 Sereff World Taekwon-Do Camp, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado

Grand Master Martin had these trophies made for World Camp teams this summer

July, 2020 Wyoming Color Belt Testing, Sheridan Wyoming
August 2, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
August 8, 2020 USTF Technical Course, Thornton, Colorado
August 29, 2020 6th Annual Tournament, Kirksville, Missouri
September 6, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
September 19, 2020 21st Annual Wyoming Invitational Tournament, Casper, Wyoming.

Review and pictures by Sr Master Robin Johnson USTF-8-36
Layout and posting by Ms DeeDee Connell USTF-5-323

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March 1, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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