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January 5, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

Happy New Year! First black belt class of 2020. A great way to start the decade.
*From Walking stance> Middle obverse punch
*From L stance> Side block with the inner forearm
*From L stance> Middle reverse punch, middle obverse punch, middle guarding   block with the knife-hand, consecutive technique
*From L stance> High side front snap kick, guarding block with the outer  forearm. Note: A kick can be low and delivered to the high section.
*From L stance facing C> Side front snap kick to C, side piercing kick to B consecutive kicking. The secret to kicking is to lift the hip and knee. Pivoting to D
*From L stance> Lead leg side piercing kick. You must have balance recovery to the rear leg before unleashing the kick. Do not pick your target while your foot is still on the ground. Pick your target after the lift. Keep eyes open and on the target. Picking the target too early is telegraphing your technique. We have struggles with this kick when breaking and when kicking the heavy bag. Step forward to switch. Repeat

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Walking stance, middle reverse punch
lift the hip & knee, pick your target after the lift

*From L stance> bending ready stance type A, side piercing kick with a high punch. The punch should come from the hip to the front of the shoulder and out with the rotation of the fist at the end. Do not deliver the punch like a strike with the side-fist. Be sure to use the foot sword as the proper tool.
*From L stance> Outward-downward kick, outward strike with the knife-hand, add spring-style reverse punch. Bring your leg in close and to the inside to begin, then the kick should be delivered to the front in an outward motion.
*From modified L stance> Lead leg outward-downward kick, high side strike with the back-fist, spring-style reverse punch. If your kick is delivered wide you will be in a less desirable position.

bending ready stance prep for side kick, the high punch comes from hip to shoulder and out
outward downward kick

If you have any injuries modify what you do. Being here and knowing your position in this school is important. You guys are kicking good! Your hands need work, they need to be fast and hard.
*From L stance> Lead leg hook kick. Don’t pull through with the ball of the foot. It can be used for making contact to score a point in sparring, however it is not an effective tool to do damage. The leg should be extended to the side front and pull through to the opposite side front. Be sure the knee pulls through the target. The motion across the front is two to three feet. Grand Master Martin holds his hands up, this far. In case of downward kick the foot may also be extended to contact the body with the ball of the foot. It would be like a shot from a .38 caliber vs. the proper tool the back heel, like a shot from a .44.
How many people practice kicking low? Several hands went up. There was laughter, it seems there were some who kick low when aiming high. Have accurate focus on this, target the kicks. Without practice you are uncoordinated and less effective.
*From L stance> Hook kick back leg kicking, in place. Chamber up your kick, hit the target at ninety degrees. Jump change and repeat. Pop the kick to whip the leg into the target and pull through.

Water break!
*Tong-Il > VI, VII, VIII, IX dans
*So_San > V dans
*Yon-Gae > IV dans
*Choi-Youg > III dan
*Eui-Am > II dans
*Kwang-Gae > I dans
*Choong-Moo > 1st gups
*Hwa-Rang > 2nd gups

V dans, So-San
IV dans, Yon-Gae.

III dans, Choi-Yong
II dans, Eui-Am
I dans, Kwang-Gae
1st gups, Choong-Moo

2nd gups, Hwa-Rang

*Step-Sparring> Red belts, 2nd gup semi-free. 1st gup advanced 1 step. As you go through the ranks continue to practice all levels of step-sparring and have some routines ready for each one. Remember the format for each level. It takes consistent practice and review to remember.
*Demonstration for advanced one-step with take down.
*Breaking> demonstration on standing punch. Set the height on the material to be broken, start from a stance, one measure is allowed, turn fist to 15 degrees at the contact point. You have thirty seconds to make the break so there is no need to hurry. Finish in a stance! Any celebration before finishing would be cause for disqualification.

lined up for step sparring
Mr. Naus and Mrs. Garretson

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Phillips
Mr Jette and Mr. Connell
Mrs. Willcox

Many events are coming in 2020.
January 18, 2020>> Ho-sin-sul, Sandy Utah
January 25, 2020>>Black Belt / Color Belt Testing, Casper, Wyoming
February 2, 2020>> Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
February 29, 2020>> Step-sparring, Sandy Utah
March 1, 2020>>Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
March 21, 2020>> Maestas School Challenge, Arvada, Colorado
April 5, 2020>> Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
April 18, 2020>> Axe Taekwon-Do Tournament, Bellevue, Nebraska
April TBA, 2020>> Wyoming Color Belt Test, Rock Springs, Wyoming
May 3, 2020>> Wyoming Black Belt Class, Casper, Wyoming
June 7, 2020>> Wyoming Black Belt Class,
June 21-26, 2020>> Sereff World Taekwon-Do Camp, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
Grand Master Martin is proud of this group coming together.

Photos and review by Sr Master Johnson VIII dan
Lay out and posting by DeeDee Connell V dan

Two class photos today, to include everyone. . . . . Click on either photo to see a larger image

January 5, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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