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November 3, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

Class began with light jumping on the balls of the feet, loosening of joints and some stretching.
If one side is a lot easier than the other then you may have some skeletal alignment issues. You must take care of yourself to stay healthy. A Visit to a chiropractor may be useful.
Then some push-ups. Starting in plank position with the body on floor, hands up beside the shoulders and off the ground. Press the hands down and do a push up, then down and lift the hands, repeat X 20. With exception of previous injures everyone completed the drill.
In our schools we make people stronger. We build self-esteem like nothing else can. Believe in yourself, we are an elite group.  At this level of class you need to train more than just class. The Wyoming headquarters school, is open to many instructors to use for training whenever needed. We have a real good showing for black belt class, but some are still missing. Grand Master Martin thanks all of us for supporting the Wyoming headquarters school and is very proud of Wyoming...just turn around and look!! More than a dozen red belts in attendance. Recently there have been a half a dozen I dan black belts that have stopped training because their goal was black belt and they never redefined their goals to continue. It is important to set goals then modify your goals and continue training.
When you’ve had a bad or rough day, you don’t feel good cause you are troubled, or your attitude is off, go to class! You’ll feel better. Yes You Will!
From right leg back L stance:
> Consecutive kicking, Side front snap kick, side piercing kick, step back to C.
Pay attention to the stationary foot. From where your foot starts; it should pivot 90 degrees to the side towards B for side front snap kick, then to 135 degrees toward BC for side piercing kick. If the foot rotation is not correct and you complete a kick you may acquire some painful skeletal problems due to improper body alignment. Also the supporting leg knee joint should not be locked. It is hard on the joint when you accelerate a kick and either knee joint locks. Use the muscles to begin the retraction as the kick extends. The muscles tense as you focus and retract just before the joint locks. Full retraction is vital. When you do a bad kick it is a waste of energy and you put yourself in a dangerous position by being off balance or leaning over and being in a much less desirable position.
Si-jak,... Some people were not listening. You should listen to, process and apply the instruction. This is not brainless exercise, this is Taekwon-Do.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Consecutive kicking - side front snap kick,
side piercing kick,
be sure to retract your kick!

Jump change and repeat, this time the stationary (supporting) foot pivots toward A for side front snap kick, pivot toward AC for side piercing kick.
How many teach using the letter directions? General Choi said He could properly run a class from another room using a microphone and proper language. We should always use correct terminology when teaching class.
From left leg back L stance:
> Side turning kick. The supporting foot pivots to AC about 135 degrees. Keep your hands up, they should move naturally with your body as you position yourself for the kick and move sharply to the front as you kick.

Side turning kick, pivot the supporting foot 135 degrees
keep the hands up, and pay attention to foot position.

Grand Master Martin asked what is your favorite target for side turning kick? The first eager response was the head! He asked again, now for real he said. The response in a lower voice was, solar plexus.
When you are picking targets to hit, pick small ones rather than an area to hit. The solar plexus is the third button down on a dress shirt, hit the button. The ball of the foot will do nicely, use excellent foot position.
From L stance:
> Middle back piercing kick, middle outward strike with the knife-hand, pivot to full facing, both knees bent, reverse punch in place. The foot sword is the tool used for back piercing kick, rib cage is target area, pick a rib. When the pelvis is the target the heel sole is used, the kicking foot is vertical and the heel of the supporting foot points to the target. Concentrate power into the appropriate tool, concentrate the tool. Keep your hands up. The kick is delivered, and retracted quickly to recover balance.
Jump change and repeat. How many train with both sides? Many hands went up.

Back kick - if target is pelvis, the foot is vertical; if target is ribs, foot is horizontal
practicing back kick, outward strike, reverse punch.

From L stance:
> Middle twist kick with the lead leg. Position your knee for the target, and you should have a short leg that is, keep your hip up, knee bent with the foot flexed and turned out to have a short leg.
Jump change and repeat.

Twist kick, position the knee, keep the hip up. . .
. . . foot is flexed . . . have a short leg

* Downward kicks are dangerous! That part of the foot is covered with sparring gear.
The foot sword and ball of the foot are tools for powerful breaks and when we spar these tool are not covered by padding.
* When sparing use the opponents arm to hide your kicks.
* Head kicks are within hand range. You can’t reach the head with your foot if you’re farther away than that.
* Pick-shape kick vs. downward kick. Pick-shape is not as powerful, straight leg up in front towards D, the body must have forward movement as you execute by pulling the leg down and bending the knee to finish.
Downward kick starts toward the side front with the knee bent on the way up then leg straight as it comes down in the front toward D. Downward kicks are divided as inward and outward.
Either one with the lead leg has less power.
From L stance:
> Outward downward kick with the lead leg. Keep your hands up.
From L stance:
> Outward downward kick. Back leg

Downward kicks are powerful! Hide the load under opponent's arm.
Head kicks are in hand range, if you're farther out you can't reach your target

* Take care of yourself! Hydrate, eat good food, fuel up your body for a class like this. As another body is escorted off the floor.
* A get well card for Mrs Linda Story was circulated for signing. She is battling cancer.
* Black Belt Class is a fantastic thing. In your own class you may be front row, one of the seniors in your class. In black belt class you may find yourself in the back, hardly anyone even knows you are here.
Wow!, red belts, You have been seriously charged by Grand Master Martin to not fall into that pit of quit. You must continue training to III dan and oooh have you seen pattern Moon-Moo? You must go on to IV dan and then...more.

1st gup red belts > Choong-Moo
There were a few errors by many students, Grand Master Martin asked if they would like to try again, some did. Then he said If you make a mistake and you are not willing to try again…
2nd gup red belts > Hwa-Rang.  Learning a new pattern fast is like drinking out of a fire hose.
1st and 2nd gups > four-direction-thrust exercise.
We must have red belts at the black belt class.

1st gups . . . Choong-Moo.
2nd gups . . . Hwa-Rang

I dan > Kwang-Gae . . . II dan > Eui-Am . . . III dan > Sam-Il

1st and 2nd gups ... 4-direction thrust exercise
1st dans ... Kwan-Gae

2nd dans ... Eui-Am
3rd dans ... Sam-Il

IV dan > Ul-Ji. We discussed the ready position, Parallel stance with X back-hand toward D. It was said that the X back-hand covers the throat. The pictures in the encyclopedia seem to support that idea. Grand Master Martin asked for additional information besides pictures for support.
Movement 30: Middle side front snap kick toward F with the left foot while executing a middle wedging block. The USTF has always done that movement with the wedging block toward F, same direction as the kick. The encyclopedia shows technique and application for it toward F with one attacker.
“We train and perform as our instructor guides us. As Instructors we strive to be uniform and all effort to be correct. Black belt classes are the greatest gift for us to attain this. If there is a black belt class...you should probably be there.” Sr Master Johnson.

4th dan ... Ul-Ji

V dan > Se-Jong. Movement number 19: from right one-leg stance. Executing a high side block to F with the right outer forearm and a low side block to E with the left outer forearm. It has been noticed that some are performing this movement in a slow motion or a 'forming' movement, perhaps influenced by a similar move in Moon-Moo done in a slow motion. However in this case the technique is executed with power.

V dans ... Se-Jong
19th move is not in slow motion.

VI, VII, VIII, IX dans > Tong-Il


Joint lock sequence > After a brief review of the 10-lock sequence, partners faced each other and bowed. Those familiar with the exercise assisted those who were not. For a set of photos and explanations of the complete wrist/arm lock series, see Oct 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Grand Master Martin took us through a brief review
Students paired up to work
Seniors helped with specifics

Showing how to reinforce with the opposite hand on #6
Everyone got to work

We go to seminars to learn. Always check with your instructor to be sure of information to be shared. It is important to come to the courses and learn from the instructors that have been picked by the USTF to teach the courses.

Certificates for recent Referee Course were presented.
Master Sisco, promoter of the Wyoming Invitational tournament presented a few t-shirts that were not available at the tournament. Master Sisco wanted those students to be sure and have a tournament shirt. Next Master Sisco assembled the Wyoming Invitational Tournament Staff and presented them to Grand Master Martin. There may be consideration of Wyoming to host a USTF National tournament.

Newly certified Class "B" and "C" USTF Referees
Tournament staff from the 2019 Wyoming Invitational

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December 1, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
January 25, 2020 Wyoming Black Belt / Color Belt Test > Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do
There were a few birthdays this month so those students were sent through the gauntlet.
Grand Master Martin said to us, It’s important to come to this class! Look around and see who’s here. Introduce yourself, know every student that is on the floor.

Review by Sr Master Robin Johnson USTF-8-36
Pictures and layout by Ms DeeDee Connell USTF-5-323

Two class photos today ... Mrs. Story and Mrs. Connell traded turns with the camera.

November 3, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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