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June 2, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

Warm up with training for Nationals in mind.
From L stance: Side front snap kick.
From L stance: Front leg, side turning kick
From L stance: Skip side front snap kick
The class  was split into two groups. The senior in each group organized head to head patterns  competition to simulate competition. Masters and Grand Master trained as well.

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Mr. Peppersack, Mr. Jette
Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Phillips
Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Erikson
Mr. Wadi, Mr.
Mrs. Connell
Mrs. Kuhl
Mr. Feser, Mrs. Garretson

Grand Master Martin and Senior Master Johnson had a patterns round as well.

Tthis is fun stuff!


Next each group organized sparing matches. Competitors were advised to wear head gear. The assigned center referee practiced inspection of competitors gear; Starting at the top, Head gear fits and protects, mouth guard, gloves with open fingers may attack with only closed fist. Males must have protective cup, shin guards are optional and made of cloth. No hard surface equipment allowed. Foot must be entirety covered no toes sticking out. Fingernails and toenails must be reasonably clipped. All gear should be in good repair and cloth tape only if needed for emergency repair. If your gear is in bad shape buy new.  As each match went on there were many teaching moments. For each incident we stopped the match and discussed what happened and what could be done about it. In this way students learn more about competition and strategy, referees learn how and what to call and gain some experience.
At black belt level don’t call incidental fouls that have no effect on the match, the flow of the match is effected and the fighter who has worked hard on cardio and conditioning has no advantage from their training. So the center referee has influence on the match by stopping too much and allowing the unconditioned fighter to recover. When there is a clear foul it must be called.
Read your opponent to get a hint on what’s coming. On the other hand or foot, do not telegraph your own techniques. Use the opponents own guard to hide what you are bringing. Use double kicks and combinations. Rapid punches to the same target will only score 1 point. Hit different targets to possibly score with every technique.

Mr. Giese checking gear
Mrs. Erikson, Mr. Bennett
Mrs. Connell checks shin pads
Mrs. Anderson

Breaking practice was next: Grand Master Martin demonstrated how to line up for inward strike with the knife-hand and several students practiced that way. Grand Master Martin next demonstrated downward strike with the knife-hand; place your front foot next to the target, get your body weight over the target to utilize mass. Strike the closet one-third of the target with the knife-hand. The target height is critical to utilize mass, contact the target with the correct tool at the correct angle. If you need the breaking machine higher it can be set on blocks. Be sure to ask for a height adjustment if you need it.
Wyoming put two teams together for team breaking. Team MTKD: A Wilcox, A Bennett, J Jette,
 2nd team: DD Connell, R Paris, Peppersack.

Use correct tool, not the wrist
Strike the center
Weight going into the break
Keep forearm parallel to the floor

Downward strike...
Mass over the target
Front foot next to the target
Helping Mr. Wadi with technique

Good foot position
Line up the kick, leg is level
Straight line into the target
108 Back kick - use the rotation

July 19, 2019 >> Black Belt weigh in
July 20, 2019 >> National tournament for color belt and black belt competitors.
July 21, 2019 >> Black Belt Breaking, individual and team.
Mr Jeremiah Feser was presented with I dan certificate # USTF-1-11488.
Mr Alex Bennett was presented with II dan certificate # USTF-2-3277.

Grand Master Martin presented Mr. Feser with his I Dan Certificate

Grand Master Martin presented Mr. Bennett with his II Dan Certificate

July 27, 2019 >> Color belt testing in Sheridan @ YMCA gym 3
August 4, 2019 >> Black Belt Class >> Casper @ Martin’s Taekwon-Do
September 14, 2019 >> Wyoming 20th Annual Invitational Tournament, Casper @ the Rec Center
In Wyoming work together. We come together and train, work hard, and get strong. Train smart, there are already five serious injuries.
Grand Master Martin talking about his Taekwon-Do School said, “.This is your home. If you are ever in need of a place to train this is available for you.”

Review by Sr Master Johnson VIII dan
Pictures, layout and web site by Ms DeeDee Connell V dan

Two photos this month... Grand Master Martin and Mrs. Connell took turns running the camera.

June 2, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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