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February 3, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

It is Grand Master Martin’s Birthday. 68 today! Nearly everyone knew but no one brought any attention to it. But...there were cookies at the end of class.
There were cards tor Mrs. Phillips whose dad is not doing well, and for Mrs. Story who was being released from the hospital today. We wish them both comfort and healing.
Grand Master Martin noted that there was a sea of red towards the back of the class, thirteen in all. There were several students who and gained the rank of 2nd gup red and this was their first black belt class, welcome.
From L stance - Front snap kick x 10, jump change and repeat.
From sitting stance - squat and stretch
From L stance - Front rising kick to continue warming and stretching.
From L stance - Reverse punch (Front hand jab). Do not telegraph the punch by pulling the hand backward first, the hip begins with slightly backward motion and jerks forward in the direction of the punch pushing the punch forward.
From modified L stance - 1-2 punch. The front hip moves first as previously described, then it pulls back as the other hip jerks forward to propel the second punch while the body becomes full facing by bending the back knee and allowing the heel to come off the ground, dropping the body weight slightly and maintaining center of gravity.  Keep the elbows down not out and the punches travel in a straight line forward. The reaction force hand stays up to guard the face.

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What a great turn-out of red belts!
Use the hip to drive the punch

So you are practicing fundamental movements, it should never be boring or intentless. So what do you work on? Control. Acceleration. Power. Perfect the techniques in the air then take it to the heavy bag. Do not take it easy. Hundreds, thousands of repetitions correctly. Keep your eyes open and look. If you do it enough times correctly you learn, then you can feel the angle and distance of the opponent so you can position yourself for attack and defense.
As we age we lose 8% of our physical ability each year. Make them take It! Not sure from what age this starts, fight it off, keep training smart.
From L stance - Side turning kick. Work on good kicking foot position. Focus on using only the ball of the foot when kicking just like you would use only the fore-fist instead of the whole front of the fist when punching. The tool hits at ninety degrees to the target. Watch the foot on the floor as well. Good positioning of the supporting foot allows the kick to be executed correctly and helps to avoid injury. Instructors watch that supporting foot! The supporting foot turns away 135 degrees.
From L stance - Lead leg hook kick. The back heel is the tool, the side ribs and the side of the head are targets. Hit at 90 degrees or slightly downward, not in any upward motion. The supporting foot is turned away 135 degrees. While half facing your opponent,  lift the knee of the kicking leg towards your opposite side chest and under the opponents guard. When the target is the head or a lighter target the kick pulls through the C-D line. No wrinkles in the ankle for good foot position.
Be a master at beating your opponents reaction time. A tie is a swing, a beard is a handle, use them.
From L stance - Consecutive kicking; high hook kick, side turning kick. Do not allow the hip to drop between kicks. If the hip does drop the ribs become the target.
Patterns by count with assistant instructors:
2nd gup red; Hwa-Rang. With Master Sisco.
1st gup black stripe; Choong-Moo. With Master Johnson
I dan; Po-Eun. With Mr Giese and Mr Flynn
II dan Eui-Am. With Mrs Paris and Mr Paris
III dan Yoo-Sin. With Mr Spahn
IV dan Yon-Gae. With Mrs. Kuhl
V dan Se-Jong. With Grand Master Martin

I Dan, Po-Eun
II Dan, Eui-Am
1st and 2nd Gup, Choong-Moo & Hwa-Rang


III Dan, Yoo-Sin
IV Dan, Yon-Gae
V Dan, Se-Jong
VI, VII, IX Dan, Tong-Il

When you do patterns by count, be learning the names of each technique. Use correct terminology based on the literature we have. X-stance stepping foot in front. X-stance jumping 2nd foot behind.
VI, VII, IX dan’s. With Mrs Willcox.
Black belt certificates were presented to the Rickenbach sisters Their #’s are 11466 and 11467.
Mrs. Amy Willcox will be starting a Taekwon-Do school beginning February 20, it will be St. Anthony’s Taekwon-Do.

Rickenbach sisters
Mrs. Willcox

Congratulations to you! Mr Woody and Mrs. Paris have also expressed interest in teaching! This is a huge commitment, it is not easy to be an Instructor. We’ve got to show up for class then stand up, shut up and train. Training together brings us together. The USTF is dear to Grand Master Martin. A lot of time and energy has been spent building Taekwon-Do in Wyoming. It must continue. The seniors are charged with this task of keeping Wyoming together and strong!
March 2; Referee course in Rock Springs. Please have paper work in order, a 1” picture, resume if going for “B” or “A”, and your instructors recommendation.
March 3; Black Belt Class is canceled.

Review by Master Robin Johnson USTF-7-68

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February 3, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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