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August 4, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

About Forty lined up to start Class, a few warm ups and we begin.
From L stance> Side front snap kick with the left, and with the right.
From L stance> Side piercing kick with the front leg, and with the other.
From L stance> Inward downward kick with the front leg, and with the other.
From L stance> Outward downward kick with the front kick, and with the other.
From L stance> Consecutive kicking. Side front snap kick to D, back piercing kick to C, step to C.
Keep standing leg bent with the shoulders over the abs.
General Choi drill, consecutive kicking> Front snap kick, jump change and repeat.
> Front snap kick, crescent kick, jump change and repeat.
> Front snap kick, crescent kick, hook kick to A/C, and to to B/C repeat with the other leg.
>Add Back piercing kick to C.
>Side turning kick to A/C, and to B/C, side piercing kick to A, and to C
>Add Reverse Turning kick to D

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Working on consecutive kicks. . . work on one kick, then add the next kick . . .work all kicks with both legs

Red Belts> four direction thrust exercise.
Black Belts are the leadership in Taekwon-Do.

4-Direction Thrust

Kwnag-Gae> V dan thru I dan. Twenty-three on the floor!
III dan through IX dan> Sam-Il, Se-Jong

Different ranks of Black Belt performing different patterns.

Step Sparring> Reviewing some things from the recent step sparring course. We as senior Taekwon-Do Students and leaders want to be on the same page.
Mr Flynn had concerns and input.
A student should have five routines for each level of step sparring.
Measuring for a walking stance> Step six inches to the side of the defenders foot.
Train more on two direction step sparring. The attacker and defender do not change roles, they only change direction.
In beginning three step sparring: Attacking with the foot; attacker measures, steps back into a walking stance, low block with the outer forearm, continuing with the attack; front snap kick set down into a walking ready stance.
In three step sparring it is allowed to attack in an L stance.
In semi-free sparring: Beginning semi-free has seven techniques, Advanced semi-free has 11 techniques. There are two techniques with each exchange except the last with is the final.
In model sparring: Demonstrate advanced one step sparring fast first. Then repeat in slow motion.
A higher rank student performing low level step sparring may use higher level techniques if instructed to do so.

Going over the new step-sparring book
Measure 6 inches to the right of partner's foot
Work on all levels of step-sparring

Grand Master Martin went to Rock Springs to see Mr Flynn since he was not here for last Black Belt class. We want to be as close together as possible.
When you train train correctly. Physically, mentally. Manage your time to maximize your training.
Always come to black belt class, the game plan changes due to who shows up and what the problems are that arise.
Breaking Philosophy and Rules: Train to break at the optimum level, the competitor may adjust the height of the breaking stack. Once the height has been set you may have one, measure or touch, not both. One counts as the other. Start from a stance and finish in a stance.

Set your break height where it's optimal for you, for floor base or wall base.

It was noted that autographing memorabilia is not always allowed.
Wyoming has had great attendance to events around the neighborhood. Fifty-seven signed the list to nationals, seven had injuries and were unable to compete,. More than forty attended the National tournament. Mrs Phillips and Mrs Paris received Board Monkey award for their work during breaking competition.
Wyoming had a group of seniors attend the new step sparring course in Colorado. We have had very good rank testings of late as well.
Grand Master Martin is considering Wyoming put in a bid for 2021 Nationals. Everyone will come together to make this happen if it is to be so.
As per the recent congressional meeting, only four pins will be allowed on dress blue blazer. ITF pin, USTF pin, USA Flag, Rank pin VIII, IX
Be mindful of what is posted on social media. You should never post anything unflattering about Taekwon-Do.
Correcting techniques is for the student’s Instructor alone. It is off limits to offer help to a student belonging to another Instructor.
No student should have an out-of-state instructor.
Do not invite yourself to stay with either a senior or a junior. They may feel an obligation that their spouse or family does not, causing unnecessary unrest.
When it comes to attending events, if it is not important to you the instructor, it will not be important to your students.
During pattern competition the judges chairs have been separated by a meter or so to discourage conversation due to how it may be perceived by the public. We as leaders in Taekwon-Do are under a microscope.
Mr Peppersack has produced a wonderful shirt for Wyoming that will be available state wide.
Mr Kincade Naus will be testing for I degree black belt in Sheridan on October 23, 7 pm.
Thank you to Grand Master Martin for his willingness to travel the state and preside over testings, even for a single student. He says, “It is worth it… we must take care of them.”

Grand Master Martin presented certificates to those who
atteneded the Step-Sparring Course
Mrs. Phillips & Mrs. Erikson received thank-you certificates for helping with breaking at Nationals
Mr. Peppersack created new shirts which will be available for Wyoming students

Review written by Sr Master Robin Johnson
Pictures and layout and posting by Ms DeeDee Connell

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August 4, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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