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April 7, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Senior Master Robin Johnson

Grand Master Martin with a good support group traveling home today from Axe Taekwon-Do tournament in Nebraska. Grand Master asked Sr Master Johnson  to teach black belt class in his absence.
And a fine day it is. With warm up in mind.
* From parallel stance > hands up, lift the knee towards the shoulders, left, right… stay upright use strength to lift the knee not just momentum, have control.
* Feet two shoulders wide and squat, reach hands to the floor, press out on the inner thighs with the upper arms. Legs straight press back pockets toward the sky, Squat, press out, slide one side out into a half split, shift weight to the other side, shift, repeat. Roll up one vertebrae at a time, roll the shoulders back, forward. Arm crosses front with the palms up in the back. Arm scissors front.

* With close range sparring in mind. Hands up! Elbows in!
* From L stance > reverse (will be called front) punch in place. Start the punch with the front hip moving forward as not to telegraph the technique, repeat.
* Add turning punch in combination, turning the body to reach the target, keep your hands up look through the forearms rather than over the hands. Retract each punch on the same line it was delivered, do not punch through the target. In sparring you will likely be awarded a minus point for punching through. Hurts more and better if you retract. It’s a more effective blow.
* Jump change and repeat. Separate the techniques not too fast, you’ll need to find a rhythm when we add more techniques. The breath, use the breath! Breath from the low abdomen and push out a tidel wave of air with each technique. (Pad holders too). Not a burst of air which creates pressure. Pressure is created by tension. Tension means slower muscles and reaction time.
* From L stance > add upset punch. Front-turning-upward-upset. Jump change, repeat.

* From parallel stance > Hands up, raise your leg to the side without leaning at all or allowing your hips to tip. Notice that it doesn’t move that far. Raise your leg to the front, to the rear, without allowing your pelvis to rock. Now lift one hip without leaning, just crunch the hip towards the short ribs. Still not that much movement. So how do you kick to the head? Your legs go out the bottom of your hips not the side so reposition the hips to point in the direction you want to kick.
* From parallel stance > Slow motion side piercing kick to A, then to B. Lift the knee in front with the foot slightly forward in front not under you, now lift the hip to the side, pivot at the top of the lift, extend the kick at the same time the foot makes contact with the floor. When you lift everything below the waist stay as upright as possible to keep the crunch, if you lean away your hip and ribs separate and your kick drops, mass moves away from the target, if you do hit an opponent, it will knock you away. In a tournament that should score no point because of loss of control / balance. Now retract by pulling the foot back towards the lifted hip, do not allow your leg to drop when you retract, pull with the hip. keep your leg flat as if it was on a tall table top. Then kick again or set down with control and balance.
* Drink break…
* Form two lines down the length of the floor facing a partner. That looks cool. Front feet only six inches apart from your partner.
*Target pad holders > It is important for you to know the techniques and rhythm so the pad will be in the right position for each punch.
* From L stance > front punch-turning punch, jump change, repeat.
* Exchange the pad, from L stance > add upward punch in combination, Front-turning-upward...keep your feet under you not stretched out in a fixed stance. Retract your hands each time before the next technique, remember your opponent can punch back! Defend yourself keep your hands up and in the way.
* Wyatt Earp once said,” Fast is fine but accuracy is final! You must learn to be slow in a hurry.”
* Add upset punch. Find the rhythm. Now you all say the words, front, turning, upward, upset. Okay that was funny! Use your inside voices please.

* Group pattern > Chon-Ji. That really looked good! Be sure to turn your head first when changing directions, the body follows the head. Turn the head complete the turn then step or move with the technique required, rather the head following the body and taking the all way around to get turned. You have no chance to apply a technique without looking.

* From L stance >  one and a half to two steps apart, pad holder is attacker and charges forward...defender have quick reaction, execute side front snap kick with the front leg to kick the opponent that is moving in. Pad holders do not stop moving forward until kicked. Then kicker step back. Repeat.
* Exchange the pad > Repeat. Kickers, get the knee up and the foot up in front of you in order to properly kick your target. The knee goes down pushing the foot forward in a straight line to create a great amount of power, retract the knee back up. The foot goes in and out of the same hole. Fast retraction, do not pose. Some things to note, keep the weight on the back leg, 70%, in order to kick quickly, if too much weight is on the front leg you must shift your weight to back leg in order to kick with the front leg, that takes as much time as the kick, result is kicked is jammed. Others are taking a small step forward with the back foot to get the weight on that foot, but by moving you then have closed the already closing distance and that takes half the time of the kick. Wasted time, the result is, the kick is jammed.

* Form four lines in front of the hanging bags > Red belts 180 degree back piercing kick. Black stripe and higher, Flying twin foot front snap kick, one target. Take short choppy steps to deflect your movement upward, with a two foot take off. Bring the knees up in front and kick with the ball of the foot. Landing gear down. Hold the bag for the next kicker.
* Flying twin foot side piercing kick, one target. One step front leg kicks and stays on top. Bring the feet together, and the knees up to load the kick, keep feet together and both feet hit the bag at the same time.
* Combine lines from four to two lines for more in between room.
* From L stance > Reverse turning kick, reverse turning kick, combination kicking. Keep your hands up and see your target. Learn your distance, when your front foot pivots heel towards the target to wind the kick you close the distance by one and a half times your foot length; that is ball of the foot to the heel times two. Many students are kicking the bag with the calf or are kicking the bag holder. Learn to know your distance.
* Line back up
* Squat, press out on thighs.
* Step back with one leg extended out behind you in a runners stretch, lower hips and shoulders toward the ground. Shift your weight to the back knee with the front leg straight and the foot flexed. Lower shoulders toward the knee.  Use your breath. Inhale deeply directly into the muscles you are stretching, relax and gain as you exhale. Hold that position and inhale deeply, exhale to gain. Now push / pull to engage the hamstring for a count of ten, then release and stretch. Switch and repeat.
* Sit with feet wide apart, reach forward, then to the right and reach out with the left hand. Rotate to the other side and reach to the foot with the opposite hand.
* Sitting load one leg and press to the side rear in a side piercing kick position. Rotate the hip over. Straighten the front leg as tolerated. Keep you body upright. Repeat to the other side.
* Arm huggers and relax.
Coming events: These events will be successful with your participation.

Get involved and these events will change your life!
This is Taekwon-Do

April 20, 2019 > Color Belt / Black Belt Test event. Rock Springs, Wyoming
April 27, 2019 > Cowboy State Games @ Casper College. A great event to go to and grow your Martial Arts experience. Enter with an open mind. It is an open tournament and you will come up against something unexpected, that’s one way you grow.
May 5, 2019 > Wyoming Black Belt Class, @ Martin’s Taekwon-Do, Casper, Wyoming
May 17-19 > Bai Rui Camp on the beach, @ Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
May 18, 2019 > UCHTA
June 2, 2019 > Wyoming Black Belt Class
June 8, 2019 > General Choi Memorial Cup, @ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 22, 2019 > Step Sparring Course, @ Sereff Taekwon-Do, Broomfield, Colorado
July 1, 2019 > Wyoming Black Belt Class
July 19-21, 2019 > USTF National Taekwon-Do Tournament, @ Broomfield, Colorado
August 2-4, 2019 > Utah Taekwon-Do Camp, Utah State Park
August 4, 2019 > Wyoming Black Belt Class
September 1, 2019 > Labor Day weekend
September 14, 2019 > Wyoming Invitational Tournament, @ Casper, Wyoming

Review by Sr Master Robin Johnson USTF-8-36

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April 7, 2019 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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