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May 6, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan
Assistant Instructor for today - Mr. Jordan McDill, IV Dan

We bowed into grand Master Martin to start Class and he asked his son Mr. Martin to lead warm-ups. It was Mr. Martin’s birthday so very fitting for him to lead us in that part of class. Something else will come later, the gauntlet! Back to joint rotations and some light stretching then Grand Master Martin took over the class for kicking. He loves kicking!
From L stance > high kick and step back to C.
Step forward L stance > repeat high kick in place.
Step forward L stance > step middle side piercing kick.
Turn and repeat > step middle side piercing kick. Load the kick.
From L stance > combination kicking; inward vertical kick, inward vertical kick.
From L stance > skip side front snap kick.
From L stance> combination kicking; outward vertical, outward downward kick.
From L stance > skip side piercing kick, 180 degree back piercing kick.
From L stance > step outward vertical kick set down 1-2punch.
From L stance > back piercing kick and return to C.
Step forward and repeat.
From L stance > side turning kick and return to C.
Turn and repeat > side turning kick in place.
Baro, rest. Keep the hands up when kicking you might need them for something else to do.
The lines were staggered for safety
From L stance > Reverse hook kick. Turn like you are a carousel horse, pivot on an axis and return foot to C. For control when delivering the kick pull the foot in before contact, or stop with a light tap. To incorporate the hip into the kick, pop the kick about twelve to eighteen inches from the head and bring it twelve to eighteen inches past, relax to retract. If the hip pops too soon then only the leg speed is used to hit the target and the power from the hip is lost.
Bring high level kicks to your sparring matches. Use these kicks in class to perfect them, and then use them in a tournament.
The upper body should be loose with the hands up and only light tension  in the hands. Get ready for a collision with the attacking tool. Grand Master Martin said to us, I love kicking so I joined you for some kicking. (I say Thank you sir.)

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Working on kicks with Grand Master Martin keeps everyone happy!

Grand Master Martin turned the class over to Mr. McDill. Mr. McDill declared, this is a lot of people. And many were senior to him, he said something like he wasn’t very comfortable teaching with so many seniors on the floor training. Grand Master Martin said, “This is how we grow.” Mr. McDill taught with confidence and that shows he knows the material he is teaching.
We formed two lines one facing the other and bowed into our partners thus making an agreement to cooperate, to respect one another and help one another learn. We proceeded with the wrist lock pattern, see the pictures.
Grip and manipulate firmly but do not jerk. Once grabbed by the assailant be quick to cover be sure to initiate the defense this way. Be mobile so you are able to move your body into the best position for advantage and control. Stay in the power triangle and keep the arms inside of your shoulder width, elbows down and close to the ribs. The closer your hands are to your own body the more strength you have.
The point of a wrist lock or joint attack is to control the opponent by locking a joint and to manipulate that joint in an unnatural way, causing severe pain before any injury. In this way we encourage the attacker to stop the attack.
For a complete descripion and photos of all 10 wrist locks in the sequence, follow this link: wrist lock sequence

Proper technique and good transitions will make these wrist locks work, and flow one to the next.

These wrist locks can work for anyone... size and raw power become less important when using leverage on the joints

Practice carefully... these techniques will break a joint, or you can use them to take an opponent to the ground

Break falling > from prone position, fingers touch, hands and forearms on the mat. Lift the upper body up and break fall by slapping the mat with hands and forearms. The harder you slap the more energy is absorbed and there is less shock to the body.
Now from standing on the knees, pop up and hit the floor with the forearms and palms at the same time the balls of the feet hit the floor extended out behind you. The hips are raised to keep the body from slamming the ground.
Well we ran out of time, Grand Master Martin thanked Mr. McDill and said, when we teach we usually have a lot more material to cover than we have time for.


Mr. Martin ran the gauntlet in honor of his birthday #44.

Mrs. McDill and Mrs. Garretson were awarded Wyoming TKD tokens as special recognition for extra service to their clubs.

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Grand Master Martin reminded everyone, when you are getting ready to promote get things in order, get yourself ready, and get stuff done ahead of time.
Casper Taekwon-Do schools are taking part in highway and river walk clean up. This is great for community service. Sign up at Grand Master Martin’s school.
Review by Master Robin Johnson
Pictures layout and web site by DeeDee Connell

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May 6, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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