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March 4, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Guest Instructor: Mr. Flynn

Grand Master Martin turned the class over to Mr Flynn following formal bow in.
 Mr Flynn explained there are times in class we need to talk. Our job is to create one student just like us, to bring a student from white belt to black belt. In our class we should all be teaching in some manner as an Instructor or as an assistant to their instructor. Mr. Flynn selected Mr. Bennett to stand in front of the class and lead warm-ups, then explained that teaching starts with getting in front of people. Louder! stated Mr. Flynn to Mr. Bennett who did a fine job on his task. Other ways Mr. Flynn  suggested were to run or help run a tournament, call a test, demonstrate techniques in class and talk to the students about about that technique. Always train at home in addition to class time. The following techniques are an example that a person can get a good workout in a 20 minute period, in and area the size of a closet.
A good shot of basics is good for you.

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Lined up and ready!
Working on the basics is important, and doesn't take much space.

From parallel stance - spot exercise, in slow motion, step right walking stance, punch right.
Then left from parallel stance.
Then left and right as one. Coordinate motion and movement .
From parallel stance - in slow motion, left leg back walking stance low block with the knife-hand. Align the tool with the inside of the knee.
Repeat with the right.
Then fast, one side each. Bring the movement of the hands, eyes, feet and breath into one single coordinated movement.
Rotation of the tool is at the end of the  technique. Mr Flynn told how Mr Tardoni would demonstrate a break using only the rotation of the tool to show the effectiveness of the rotation alone. If you are not making your breaks consistently, check to see if the rotation is in place. Work on it until it becomes natural.
From L stance - Slow motion, side front snap kick. Focus on foot position.
Then full speed.
Jump change and repeat. The knee comes up high as the kick is delivered, extending the tool the knee drops down into place. Then draw the tool back and the knee up to retract.
From L stance - Slow motion, side piercing kick. Lift the knee high and coordinate the rotation, lifting the hip and pull the knee up and back to load the kick.
From walking stance - low block with the knife-hand, side front snap kick / side piercing kick consecutive kicking, obverse punch, reverse punch.
Concentrate make these motions correct every time.
Jump change and repeat.

Low block with the knife hand, walking stance... pay attention to the details

Working on side piercing kick

Your instructor gives you a paint brush and teaches you how to use it. It is up to the student to paint the picture.
Information becomes distorted when repeated so please listen closely, speak clearly.
Here is the case Mr. Flynn used to prove the point; Grand Master Martin read a note and told the next student in line what the note said. Each student down the line would listen to the words and repeat them to the next student, about 34 times. The note Grand Master Martin read : “The mint makes it first, you make it last.” By the time the message got to the last student, he reported, “Sunday night at nine.” (and by the way the answer to the riddle is; money.)
It takes diligence and clear thought to pass on Taekwon-Do.
Group pattern Chon-Ji. Quiz; 19 movements, diagram is a plus sign.
Mr Flynn said, “You look good.” He explained to us that the four points in Chon-Ji represent the elements earth, wind, fire, water.
As time goes on things become distorted. History has been written by people with knowledge, at times history would be written as they wanted it to be remembered. Do your own research and find other sources of information.
Group pattern Won-Hyo in slow motion. Then full speed.
Quiz; 28 movements, capital I, Won-Hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla dynasty in 686 A.D. Mr Flynn told us a story about Master Won Hyo. This is the story from, Philosophy of Masters by Dr. Young Kimm.
Master Won Hyo ( 617-686 )
    Won Hyo was a Hwarangdo warrior. He was bringing the body of Prince Buma back to headquarters when he decided to become a Buddhist monk. One night while traveling with a friend to China to study further in Zen, he took shelter in a cave. Being thirsty he found a bowl of water and quickly drank it satisfying his thirst. The next morning when he awoke he realized the cave he slept in was a tomb and the water he drank was from a dead man's skull. This made Won Hyo sick and he threw up the contents of his stomach. At that moment he was enlightened to the importance of the mind and he returned to Korea. After Silla unified the three Kingdoms Won Hyo played a major part in persuading the conquered people that Korea was one race, one custom, one language and should unite as one nation.
Hwa-Rang - slow  motion, then regular speed
Quiz; 29 movements, the diagram is a Capital I.The pattern Hwa-Rang is named after the Hwa-Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th century. This group eventually became the actual driving force of the unification of the three kingdoms of Korea. The 29 movements in this pattern refer to the 29th infantry Division, where Taekwon-Do developed into maturity.
The Testing Syllabus is for minimum requirements. Take an extra step to educate yourself. Even so, history written correct or not doesn't change who we are.
Three step sparring alone attack with the hand, then the foot.
Three step sparring alone continuous
Your technique is good when the exercise is done separately but goes away when done continuously and in patterns too, the techniques are done better separately than they are performed in your patterns.
Partner up and practice forging. Inner forearm, outer forearm, knife hand, and shin.
Forging is necessary to condition blocking and attacking tools. It is not impressive to injure yourself when breaking. Forge and prepare yourself by breaking many times. Students younger than sixteen years old should not do forging which could damage growth plates and interfere with proper development.

Forge inner and outer forearms...

Knife hand and reverse Knife hand

Forge the shins as well as hand tools

An Instructor puts his heart and soul into the students. They are not just stamped out.
Mr. Flynn asked us to think of something that really bothered us, after some of those things were shared he said if there are problems if you hear of others with problems take the time to talk and listen. Get involved, help to make it better.
Study the theory of power: Speed. Mass. Reaction Force. Breath Control. Concentration. Equilibrium. Mass cannot increase as mass. Speed squared is expotential.
March 24 - Maestas School Challenge in Arvada, Colorado
April 21 - Axe Taekwon-Do tournament in Bellview, Nebraska
April 28 - Wyoming color belt test in Rock Springs
April 28 - Wyoming Cowboy State Games at Casper College
May 6 - Wyoming Black Belt class in Casper
Grand Master Martin wants possible dates to have Mr. Giese teach a weapon defense course in Wyoming. That date would be November 3, 2018.
The Wyoming testing in October will likely include several candidates for levels of black belt. Instructors please gather possible candidates to be included. Maybe some candidates can wait a bit and others may need to step up to make this a good size black belt group testing.
There is a new updated Black Belt Testing Syllabus book available.
Look around and see what we are doing. If you see any problems in your school they should be addressed privately. Praise should be given publicly. Be involved with your school.
For a head Instructor their life is formed around their class teaching schedule. Until you are a head instructor you cannot know the dedication and sacrifice required to  hold that position. How it feels to say “You are my beloved student.” When a student misses class we want them to be here. When one leaves and is gone we will miss them, we must keep training.

Class Review and photos by Master Robin Johnson USTF-7-68

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March 4, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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