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June 3, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Grand Master Stan Martin

 USTF Taekwon-Do first came to Casper in 1967. The two Hicks brothers and one other were promoted to first dan in 1970. Grand Master Martin started Taekwon-Do in 1971, then at yellow belt found himself as the senior and teaching classes. Grand Master Martin has been teaching for 47 years and has brought Wyoming Taekwon-Do schools together so we can grow in the direction of his leadership, all the while promoting the USTF nationally and internationally. He intends for us to continue the legacy he has built. He has had each of the senior students to take their turn teaching as he looks on. To educate the students with a variety of teaching method and perspective and also training and educating the black belt student who is teaching.  A quote from the past; “It’s always a test.” ~~Grand Master Martin. He is implementing a succession plan so that Wyoming continues to get together to train and stay together to prosper. Even though Sr. Grand Master Sereff no longer teaches classes, he teaches and Grand Master Martin continues to learn life lessons from him and about the organization.
Grand Master Martin lead the class through warm up exercises then began with
From L stance > Side front snap kick to D step back to C.
Step forward and repeat.
Step forward to modified L stance (a bit shorter than an L stance) > Side front snap kick, 1-2 punch. Work on acceleration, you shouldn’t be able to see your hand in space it should be a blur like the trail a sparkler leaves when you write your name in the air. The big muscle groups fire first then the smaller, but all work together. The hand is hard and the muscles tense at the moment of impact then immediately retract and relax, the relaxation helps the retraction. Your hip, front leg and hand are all on one line for the first punch. Both hands cannot punch at the same time. You must finish the first punch with proper stance and balance then deliver the second punch with the retraction of the first.

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A few warm-ups and stretches, and we're ready to go . . .

Work on timing, proper technique, tensing and relaxing of muscles on your 1-2 punch..

From L stance > Side turning kick, set down, front leg side turning kick, side strike with the knife-hand. Kicking quickly with the front leg so you don’t set down with too much weight forward.
From L stance > Back piercing kick, side strike with the back-fist, lead leg side piercing kick.

1-2 punch
high side strike with the backfist - lead leg side kick
Mr. Jetty is training in the USTF after many years away - welcome back!

Look around be sure you know every ones name. Tell those who are not here that they were missed by us. We must all continue to get together.
Turning your supporting foot and changing body position it is correct kicking and prevents injury. To kick, lift the hip to the rib and turn the supporting foot to rotate body position. A lot of students are doing side piercing kick in a side split position. Continue to rotate by turning the supporting foot to 135 degrees away from the direction of the kick.

Lift the hip to the floating rib as you load the side piercing kick
Hook kick demonstration by Miss Schultz

From L stance > Hook kick, outward strike with the knife-hand. Lift the knee to the side chest to load the kick and turn the supporting foot away. The delivery of the kick is only about a foot and a half. Hitting the body is likely to upset your balance since you cannot pull the kick through. You can prepare yourself for the kick to stop and retract or kick through the head, a lighter target.
Consecutive kicking is hitting multiple targets. Bring your hip up to the floating rib to lift.
From L stance > Front snap kick to D, Back piercing kick to C, side turning kick to D.
Step forward and repeat. When one leg feels better than the other then you need to have a talk with the other. Memorize the feeling on the good side and get the bad side to feel that way.
From L stance > Reverse hook kick. Nice demonstration Miss Schultz
Patterns dress rehersal. Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo, Hwa-Rang, Choong-Moo, Gae-Beak.
Grand Master Martin then moved black belt class to the David Street Station just three blocks to walk. This from Grand Master Martin: “We had our monthly Black Belt / Red belt class today- really good turn out- we started out at our headquarters school (MTKD) and ended the class at the new David Street Station in the Old Yellowstone District- what a great addition to our community! Thank you to all of my students for showing up and trying hard - some of our feet got hot - but that didn’t stop anyone!! I am Proud of you all😜👍.”
Group patterns were performed on the hot turf.  Next was a group picture on the Brian Scott Gamroth Community Stage, in the shade. Then out to the concrete for more group patterns, the concrete was not as hot as the plastic turf. Class was closed and everyone returned to the do-jang.

Patterns on the grass...

and on the cement - much cooler than the grass! All ranks Won-Hyo, and 4-Direction Thrust.

Moving up the ranks of patterns...

5th Dans and up, Se-Jong . . . then 6th, 7th, and Grand Master Martin doing Tong-Il

Coming events    
July 1, Black Belt class    Grand Master Martin   Casper
July 14, basic Ho-Sin-Sul    Mr. Giese Columbia, Mo
July 28, Wyoming color belt test    Master Johnson  Sheridan
August 3-5, Utah summer camp   Sr. Master Dubbeld Utah State Park
August 5, Black Belt class  Grand Master Martin  Casper
September 2, Black Belt class     Grand Master Martin  Casper
September 15 Wyoming Invitational   Master Sisco Casper
October 7, Black Belt class Grand Master Martin  Casper
October 14, Sereff Championships   Grand Master Sereff  Broomfield
October 27,  Wy. Black/Color Testing Grand Master Martin  Casper
November 3, Weapon defense  Mr. Giese Casper

Review by Master Robin Johnson
Lay out and web site by DeeDee Connell    

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June 3, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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