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February 4, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Mr. Giese


Prior to the opening ceremony, Grand Master Martin relayed a brief history of TKD, and Senior Grand Master Seriff’s dedication to the true art of TKD, with Senior Grand Master Sereff being the second Grand Master to be promoted by the General.  He then announced that consistent with recent classes, that a guest instructor would teach.  Mr. Giese was given the honor of guess instructor. 
Bow in ceremony
Mr. Giese announced that his plans for today’s class would be focused on patterns and head-lock exercises. 
Parallel stance, single punching.  Sein wave in parallel stance means that heels come off of the ground
Sitting stance, single punching.  Sein wave in this stance is from knee spring, heels remain in contact with the ground.
Right 4-directional punch
Left 4-directional block

Everyone was tasked with their highest pattern that they knew, by count.  This was an exercise in both spacing and in learning to yield to the senior student.  The lower the rank, the more yielding in space was given.  Due to this, red belts ended up no where near where the pattern started!

Group patterns by type came next.  Students were told to perform the pattern they knew, considering that some did not learn their new testing pattern.  Patterns started with 6th Dan (Tong Il), and worked downward.  Mr. Giese mentioned that in Sr. Grand Master Seriff’s last formal instruction class that the first three moves of the pattern were described.
5th Dan So-San
4th Dan Moon-Moo
3rd Dan Yoo-Sin
2nd Dan Eui-Am
1st Dan Ge-Beck
1st Gup Choong-Moo
2nd Gup Hwa-Rang

A water break was announced, and everyone was reminded to sign the attendance sheet by the front door.

After the break, the class shifted to different head lock scenarios, both lying and standing.  Mr. Giese reminded the class to rap early and often, on themselves, on the ground, on the partner, or if both hands are immobilized, to simply say “tap, tap.”

Mr. Giese demonstrated various headlock escapes, finishing with an arm bar.  He stressed that with every movement, there is a counter, and a counter for the counter.    The first headlock demonstrations were done on the ground, and students were told to imitate the actions.  The final two exercises were that with both attacker and defender standing.  The focus is to take the person to the ground, and submit with an arm bar.

At the close of training, Mr. Giese announced that it was Grand Master Martin’s birthday this month.  He ordered the class to form two ranks to sing happy birthday, and to form the gauntlet.  Grand Master Martin ran the gauntlet, then ordered the class to do pushups, while he casually strolled back through the lines!

Feb. 24 weapons defense class at Sereff TKD (Headquarters, Broomfield, CO)
March 24th is the annual Maestas tournament (Apex center, Arvada CO)
April 21 is Axe tournament (Bellevue NE)

Closing ceremony and dismissal

Notes taken by Mr. Juergens, 1st Gup

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February 4, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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