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December 1, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

There was a lot of fresh Black in class today!  Because of the October 27 testing when 19 people tested for new levels of Black Belt.
Grand Master Martin noted that there were 7 from Wyoming who attended the USTF Referee Course at Headquarters on Saturday.  As a result there will be four new Class C Referees in Wyoming.  There is a new red ‘Tournament Rules and Regulations’ handbook that has a few updates.  He noted that Wyoming had a good showing, and thanked all those who went to the course to either grade or refresh. 
Warm-ups and stretching to start the training…
* L-stance, side front snap kick, back leg kicking, step back to C.  We are warmed up so kick fast!  It’s a side front snap kick so the hip is extended, the ball of the foot moves toward the target in a straight line, and retracts on the same line.  The kick is not delivered in an upward motion. Bring the knee up under your opponent’s guard to hide the kick.

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Every ball has someone's name
Front snap kick
Bring the knee up under your
opponent's guard to hide the kick.

 - Wyoming Black Belt Class is important for us… to come together and train.  It strengthens the bond with all of the Taekwon-Do schools in Wyoming.  This class is required of all Red and Black Belts.  It creates a special time for us all to get together, to train, to bond, to keep techniques uniform and correct. It’s also a time when we communicate and plan for events.  Be sure to notify your instructor if you are unable to attend Black Belt Class.
* L-stance, 1-2 punch.
* L-stance, combination kicking, side front snap kick, crescent kick, guarding block with the knife-hand.
* L-stance, consecutive kicking, middle back piercing kick, high kick, guarding block with the fore-arm. After the back kick, balance recovery, and change body position for the high kick. Maintain balance and control all the way through the combination.  Grand Master Martin believes that balance is a very important factor in the theory of power.  If equilibrium is not maintained, the other factors cannot be applied effectively.  When turning, keep the ‘carousel theory’ in mind, pivot on your center axis.  In this case the tool for the back kick is the foot-sword, not the heel.  During fundamental exercises, the kick is delivered on C-D line.  Be sure to see your target, and not just kick without direction.  You can make adjustments for distance.  If you’re closer to your opponent, lift higher earlier, the kicking leg must be horizontal.  The kick goes in and out the same hole; the kick doesn’t drop or travel in an arc or deflect off your target.

Working on crescent kicks
Back piercing kick
The tool is the footsword

* L-stance, inward downward kick, high side strike with the back-fist.  The leg comes up from the side front with the knee bent, and comes down on the C-D line with the leg straight; the back heel is the tool.  Targets can be the top of the shoulder, the clavicle, bridge of the nose. If the opponent is bent over, there are other targets available. When performing fundamental movements, contact the floor with the ball of the foot to avoid injuring the heel.  Breathe!! The fuel for your engine is food, water, and air. If you are a high-performance engine, don’t use low-grade fuel.

Target is the top of the shoulder
The knee is bent on the load
Kick is delivered with a straight leg
Working on downward kick

* L-stance, spinning high side strike with the back-fist, front leg hook kick. Maintain equilibrium while turning to avoid too much weight forward. Too much weight forward requires additional time to recover balance and deliver the next technique. When executing the hook kick, the knee should lift under your opponent’s guard to beat his reaction time.
* L-stance, hook kick. Hide the load under your opponent’s guard hands.  Read your opponent, then you can change your kick to what he is not expecting.  A good experienced fighter will not have to think about it, but can feel it.  Train a LOT!

Lift under the guard to disguise the kick
Hook kick delivered

* Step hook kick.  Follow directions, step back foot to front foot; don’t step in front, and don’t step through.  Step efficiently.  Use the step to slightly change body position to set the kick up.

Step back foot to front foot
Do not step in front
Hook kick is delivered

* L-stance, reverse hook kick.  We had a full house today so the rows were staggered, one row kicking at a time. Do not be tentative about your kick for fear of kicking your neighbor. Staggering the lines, and going row by row allows room to work on acceleration and power and avoid death by contact.  Work on equilibrium during the kick, then balance recovery.  Keep in mind to spin on your pole.  Grand Master Martin noted that this kick is one of the best tools he uses in sparring. 
Instructors, take care with what you say or demonstrate.  As instructors and senior Black Belts we have the influence to change technique, even if by mistake.  Students, protect your instructor.  If something is unclear, do not challenge your instructor, but you may respectfully request clarification.  We are all human.  We strive to do the best we can.
The kicks we are working on were learned by green belt level.  Work on acceleration and power on these previously learned techniques. If you always go slower and deliberate in training you will have trouble when it is time for breaking or sparring.  Break hard.  Spar fast.  Maintain equilibrium, and accelerate with control.
On the hook kicks, the leg extends at 45 degrees before the target, use the hip to pull the back heel across the front through the target, mostly horizontal, in a slightly downward motion to 45 degrees past the target.  The tool should contact the target at a right angle. 
After a water break we practiced patterns facing the other end of the do-jang.

Arms linked facing D
More turning
Faciing C, the new D

* 4-Direction thrust.
* Hwa-Rang.
* Choong-Moo.
* Kwang-Gae; Red Belts do Joong-Gun.

4-Direction Thrust Exercise

Turn again, and face the other end of the do-jang.
Red Belts to work on semi-free sparring.
Black Belts repeat Kwang-Gae by count, Grand Master Martin quizzed students on the names and levels of various techniques. 
* Po-Eun. Students were shuffled like playing cards so the new I Dans who are learning the pattern would be next to someone who already knew it.  Po-Eun was performed by count.

Red Belts worked on semi-free sparring

Mr. Flynn continued to work with the I Dans on Po-Eun.
* Eui-Am.
* Choong-Jang.
Mr. Giese continued  to work with II Dans on Choong-Jang.
* Sam-Il.

Mr. Flynn and the I Dans

Mrs. Willcox and Mrs. Kuhl continued to work with III Dans on Sam-Il.
Master Johnson worked with IV Dan on Yon-Gae.
Master Sisco worked with new V Dans on So-San.

Mr. Giese and the II Dans
Mrs. Kuhl and Mrs. Willcox
and the III Dans
Master Johnson and the IV Dan
Master Sisco and the V Dans

Birthday gauntlet was run by Miss Maynard and Mr. Maynard.

Birthday gauntlet for Miss Maynard and Mr. Maynard

Certificates were presented for the November Weapons Defense Course taught by Mr. Giese.

Participants in the Weapons Defense class

Black Belt Certificates were presented from our testing in October. Grand Master Martin noted the drop in numbers on the certificates from one level to the next. 
I Dan numbers up to 11,470.
II Dan numbers down to 3,264.
III Dan numbers down to 1,526.
IV Dan numbers down to 721.
V Dan numbers down to 352.

Newly promoted Black Belts with their certificates

Coming Events:
No January Black Belt class.
January 19 - Color Belt testing in Casper.
February 3 - Black Belt class
February 23 - USTF Technical Course in Colorado open to all 1st Gups and above.
March 3 - Black Belt class.
March - Black Belt Testing at Headquarters.
March - Maestas Challenge
Review by Master Robin Johnson
Pictures layout and web site by DeeDee Connell

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December 2, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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