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August 3, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor - Grand Master Martin, IX Dan

It is good to see Master Johnson training again after two total knee joint replacements, one in March and one in April. Train everything you can. When one part of the body is hurt, train with the other parts that still work including the mind.
Our goal for the Wyoming Invitational tournament is 100 Wyoming students competing.
A few joint rotations and we started techniques...
*L stance 1-2 punch. The back heel comes up off the ground with the 2 punch while turning the body from ½ facing to full facing. The opposite hand has reaction force, it comes back to cover the face.
*L stance Inward vertical kick, outward strike with the knife-hand, hook kick with the front leg.
*L stance outward vertical kick, step high kick, high side strike with the back-fist. Recover balance after the high kick and execute the back-fist strike with sine wave. Don't just throw it out there.
*L stance Back piercing kick, side strike with the back-fist, side piercing kick with the front leg. Be sure to see the target before the kick is executed. Turn the hips within the C-D line. Correct foot position  has no wrinkles in the ankle.
A little more stretching now when muscles are warm. Move into a sitting stance and squat pressing out on the inner thighs. Slide out into side splits, walk  hands forward reaching back with the ball of the feet on the floor, shift back onto the heels, down on the elbows, hands on the top of the feet.

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Warming up with some basic kicks and hand techniques, then more stretching. Pay attention to your technique!

*L stance middle twist kick, step back to C. Don't hit with the end of the toes or reach too far out. This is a short range kick and is necessary to position base foot properly. The base foot will start facing the front, pivoting on the ball and the heel turns inward and makes contact with the floor at the time the kick is executed, keeping the knee of the kicking leg bent properly. Low twist kick target is in front of you and would be the knee and the inner thigh. Middle twist kick is at the side front and the main target is the solar plexus. The ball of the foot turns to C for a high twisting kick, the target could be right beside you.
** Grand Master Martin pointed out that  Mrs. Willcox had done something really special when she accompanied him on a trip to Australia, she had taught a class of 225 black belts!
*L stance combination kicking, low twist kick, middle twist kick, high twist kick.
Be sure to lift the hip before you kick.

Grand Master Martin explained and demonstrated proper technique for twist kicks... then we practiced

*L stance consecutive kicking, sweeping kick, outward vertical kick.
*L stance consecutive kicking, side turning kick to D, to B, to C, to A. Keep your hands up all the way around. You change directions by being light on the ball of your foot, and rotate with the kick. Be sure to keep hip lifted throughout. As Grand Master Martin demonstrates, the heel of the supporting foot must be on the floor at the time the kick makes contact.

Hands up while you kick! Consecutive side turning kicks to four directions.
Everyone was working on being light on the ball of the foot to turn, and keeping the hip up throughout.

*L stance 180 degree  outward downward kick to the clavicle, high side strike with the back fist. Train hard to control the body. Keep your knee up when you are turning, then out to execute the kick. Contact to the clavicle is not recommended for tournament competition.  Use this target for self-defense.

Mrs Willcox demonstrated 180 outward downward kick.

Grand Master Martin: This kick can break the clavicle easliy
Control the kick - follow up with the back fist.

*L stance Skip front snap kick, mid air front snap kick. Jump off of both feet, bring your knee up! Do not gain ground.
More stretching now, one leg tucked in and reach over the knee and grab the toes. Roll up on the thigh, foot straightened out behind. Butterfly stretch, then one foot out, and the other. H2 O break.

Skip or mid-air front snap kick - bring the knee UP!
More stretching - you'll get the most out of it if you're warmed up.

*4 direction thrust exercise
*Hwa-Rang. Grand Master Martin noticed some testing jitters in some of the candidates for October testing.

Hwa Rang

* Toi-Gye for two new red belts.
*Dan-Gun for Mr. Jette, back to Taekwon-Do training after a break in the martial arts for about 15 years. Grand Master Martin said he had never taken a break and been gone from training and then come back after some time. He commended Mr. Jette for his efforts in returning to training. It is not easy to make the changes necessary.


High Red Belts worked on Choong-Moo

*Kwang-Gae. On the slow slide, weight stays on the back foot as long as possible. On the upset punch with the twin fists, it’s for two opponents, so fists are slightly diverged. On the sitting stance back-fist strike, control the technique, don’t just throw it out there.


*Juche. Grand Master Martin complimented Mr. Paris on a pattern well done.
*Choi-Yong ... *Moon-Moo


*So-San ... * Tong-Il


The senior rank sets the cadence for patterns...others need to keep to that cadence.
Lower ranks are the future of Taekwon-Do, led by the higher rank. We all come together at black belt class which keeps our techniques uniform.
Mr. Paris demonstrated his weapons defense routine with Mr. Binks as his partner. Black Belt candidates have self-defense routines with partners. This takes months to get together and  perfect. Start training early, set your goals. Take steps to work toward your goal. Don’t wait to prepare. You may have to deal with life issues throughout your Taekwon-Do career. It’s not easy but can be done with dedication.

Mr. Paris demonstrated his self-defense routine with his partner Mr. Binks

Mr Neal demonstrated defense against two attackers; Mr. Bennett and Mr Binks.

Mr. Neal's self-defense with Mr. Bennett and Mr. Binks

Prearranged sparring was demonstrated by Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Paris. Grand Master Martin asks his students to perform to show them off and not to embarrass any one.

Pre-arranged free sparring -- Mrs. Paris with her partner Mrs. Willcox

We formed two lines one facing the other, bowed in and began practicing the wrist lock sequence. (click here for a link to the wrist lock pattern)

Working on the wrist lock sequence.

Mr Giese taught a second weapons defense seminar in July, this one in Missouri. Mr Mr. Dill assisted at this course and Mr Giese presented him with a certificate and a flashlight for his help.

Mr. Giese thanked Mr. McDill for assisting him with the weapons defense seminar he taught in Missouri.

Black Belt test packets are to be turned in by September 15th. Page two needs to be filled in on a computor then printed out. Requirements are based on the new Black belt syllabus book. Take ownership of your Taekwon-Do training and career. Keep a continuous resume’ of all your Taekwon-Do activities.
Grand Master Martin will host a retirement party after the Wyoming tournament.
There are 19 candidates preparing to test for levels of black belt on October 27, 2018. There will be a color belt testing the same day.

Review by Master Robin Johnson
pictures and lay-out by Ms DeeDee Connell

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August 3, 2018 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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