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October 1, 2017 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Grand Master Stan Martin

We began class with a formal bow in, then warm up exercises,
hands up, little jumps on the balls of the feet with Grand Master Martin joining us as he works his way around the class surveying those in attendance. Warm ups continued with jumping jacks, echoing the count to ten and leg raises.

Modified L stance, stepping forward 1-2 punch.

From L stance, side front snap kick step back to C, keep your hands up and in a guarding position. This was difficult to do in such a fast pace. Front snap kick was easy to keep up but to pivot for side front snap kick and pivot to reset left me a half count behind. So I think work on faster pivots and continue with warm ups.

Squat to stretch, slide out to side splits, rock back on the heels, shift forward onto the balls of the feet, shift back increasing the stretch. If you are comfortable then you are not gaining or improving.

From L stance, consecutive kicking, side front snap kick to D, back piercing kick to C, front snap kick to D then step to D. After the first kick re-chamber for the second kick and again for the third kick. You must lift the hip and change the pelvis position to rechamber for the different kicks.

From L stance, combination kicking, side turning kick, middle back piercing kick.

From L stance, front leg kicking double side piercing kick.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Working on front snap kicks.
Double side-piercing kick.

From ready stance type C, four direction thrust exercise.

From L stance, middle twist kick then step back to C. This is a short range kick so keep the knee of the kicking leg bent some. The supporting foot should pivot outward thirty or forty degrees. The kicking tool is the ball of the foot. Your hands have a lot to do with kicking, keep them up guarding and they help for balance.

Four direction thrust exercise.
Twist kick.

From parallel stance, pressing kick with the foot sword to the side. The knee comes up in front then pressing kick to the side, lock out kicking leg. This kick also requires the supporting leg to be straight and locked as well.
The way you train here is the way you will respond when attacked.
Practice this kick at different levels.
From parallel stance, combination kicking, outward pressing kick.

The knee comes up in front for the load, both legs straight when executed.
This kick can attack the knee joint, or break the femur.

From L stance, inward pressing kick. Watch your supporting foot so it does not slip out from under you. Extend the hip to reach forward with the kick. Kick across the body to the front (D). Lift in here, the hip, as the leg comes thru. Not a sideways football kick, it must chamber (lift) and press forward with the kick. The kick is delivered on the C-D line, and not outside the body width.

Inward pressing kick . . .extend the hip..
Keep kick within your body width -- can be delivered waist high.

From L stance, stamping kick to D. the instep is the target the foot sword is the tool.
How to start a fire with a stamping kick; take your little buddy to the wilderness, pile a bit of dried grass on his instep. Execute stamping kick but use the shin as secondary target, as your foot sword scrapes down the front of the little buddies shin it becomes smoking hot and ignites the pile of dried grass.
Think about the tool when executing any technique and the power will be projected through that tool even when shoes or gloves are worn.

Foot position for stamping kick.
Kick comes straight down.
The shin is a secondary target, scraping with the footsword.

When a devastating technique is delivered or received there is a 3 to 4 second response time before it takes great effect, be very aware of your body position in that short time. Don't do one technique that may put you in a vulnerable position. It may be necessary to continue the attack or to defend yourself against counter attack in that critical few seconds. Get mad or get even in that time.

From L stance, back snap kick. Use the hand as a target and feel the kick drive the hand up. The target is straight behind you to BC or AC, depending on left or right L stance, not to C.

Back snap kick
Use your hand for a target.
Kick straight back, not to the side.

From L stance mid-air 180 degree back piercing kick. Stay on spot with out moving forward or backward. This is a great sparring technique when in close.
Grand Master Martin encouraged us to use advanced techniques when sparring. To use more of the tools we have and not just the same few ones.

180 back kick
When sparring, use more advanced techniques - practice them, use them!

Make advanced or different techniques a part of our natural response. The best sparring tools are those that completely surprise the opponent. Practice in class, get hit, work on it to proof test that technique. Then in competition use and perfect what you have against an opponent that it works on. If you are talented enough to, jump high enough to kick down, the body cannot withstand the downward hit. At any rate jump up and kick straight out  horizontally or down, the kick is delivered on C-D line and retracts to complete the kick.
Why do we jump change?
Learn to jump from your stance.

Practicing 180 back kick
Learn to jump from your stance, no cheater step!

To develop jumping technique. Everything we do is for the students development.
When breaking with the 180 degree back piercing kick the shoulder the hip and the foot tool should be in alignment. In theory you should hit it straight on. Taekwon-Do is very technical but due to the philosophy and the theory of power, once you understand it you can do amazing things. It also requires  the understanding of body mechanics and the human anatomy.

Be sure the shoulder, the hip, and the foot are aligned.

We divided into two groups, red belts at one end and black belts at the other end, to have a pattern off. Two red belts were selected by the group leaders to go head to head. Then two black belts were selected by the group leaders to perform any pattern in their group. Once everyone had been selected the group leaders went head to head to follow suit. There was no scoring, however push ups were in order if you incorrectly performed your pattern.
For the black belts Grand Master Martin had them facing the opposite way from usual. He said he was happy with us as a group and is confident with our patterns.

18 pairs of Red and Black Belts came out to do their patterns... here are a few of them.
Red Belts started all patterns facing D; Black Belts started facing C - a little test of concentration and comfort in your pattern.

Following the patterns 'competition', the seniors demonstrated Tong-Il.

Pattern Tong-Il

Grand Master Martin wants Wyoming to be close knit and tight. Training together is essential for this. Juniors doing push ups with their seniors when the senior messes up shows we are taking responsibility for each other. And there is always peer pressure.
A reminder for all of us to have each and every student sign a release form. Each school in Wyoming has one with a heading for their school. It is to protect us from legality, it is proof tested and approved by a USTF lawyer.

In The Spirit of Taekwon-Do, poker chips were passed out to head instructors to give Special Recognition to their students. A way to acknowledge a students effort in some thing measurable, above normal expectations. Anyone can nominate another student to be a recipient of a poker chip. The Head Instructors have control of the chips so turn in your nominations to your Instructor. Nothing frivolous these are warrior tokens!

Coming to black belt class is our job! Our Wyoming leadership is this class. Learn everyone's name.

The First USTF Technical course certificates were passed out. That course, taught by Grand Master Winegar, fulfills the requirement for any Instructor course needed to promote to the next rank, and the 8 hour continuing education per year requirement.

Testing for Wyoming black belts and color belts is coming quickly, Saturday October 28, 2017 at the National Guard Armory in Casper.

Instructors are to check dates for this fall or next spring for possible Referee course, 14 years old and 3rd gup / high blue and higher can certify, and Tactical course that currently has no prerequisite, and a philosophy of run, hide, fight. Rock Springs is the target host for these courses to include our Utah family. Please, it takes everyone's participation in these events to make them successful.

Review written by Master Robin Johnson

Pictures and layout by Ms. DeeDee Connell

October 1, 2017 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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