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August 6, 2017 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Grand Master Stan Martin

It's a good day to be on the floor training!
Warming up with jumping jacks echoing the count of 10, then leg raises left and right.
From L stance, 1-2 punch and moving quickly.
From L stance, side front snap kick, step forward.
From L stance, side front snap kick to the side front. Keep the back foot, the supporting leg stationary, do not pivot, kick in the direction that aligns your foot to the kick. The back hip comes forward to half facing.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
From L-Stance, don't move the front foot, execute front snap kick
Without pivoting the base foot, execute side front snap kick to the correct angle relative to your base foot. Then pivot base foot to execute the same kick straight down the floor.

From Bending stance, combination kicking, side piercing kick. Lift the hip so the leg is level with the floor, the hips need to be at an angle with the kicking side up and the pelvis tipped slightly forward. Do not leave the knee pointed downward, the body and foot rotate on the way to the target.

Lift the knee. . .
Tip the hip, leg is level with the floor . . .
Rotate on the way out.

From L stance, combination kicking. Side front snap kick, side piercing kick. A body is like a bag of water, if you leave the tool of your foot on the body too long the energy is absorbed or the leg can be grabbed. So boot them harder, retract faster! And recover your body position. Use only the foot sword, Grand Master Martin sees some of us using the toe sword. For pushing kick use the entire blade of the foot. Slow motion kicking, think of the foot part, slow control of movement with balance using leg muscles and core strength.

Incorrect foot position, toes will hit first.
Flex the foot to expose the footsword.
Correct foot position for side piercing kick.

From L stance, back piercing kick to C. No pivot just turn your head and kick. The supporting foot should be at the proper angle to accommodate the kick.

Use proper terminology in your classes. Practice techniques to A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and to the angles.
Deliver side blocks on chest line. Front blocks on solar plexus line.

From L stance, combination kicking. Side front snap kick, side piercing kick. Execute a high punch with the side piercing kick. Be sure to deliver the punch like a punch from the hip to the arm pit to the target rotating, not like a side strike with the side fist. Which is what will happen if you do not give particular attention to what you are doing.
Discipline yourself to teach like General Choi and to train this way.
Grand Master Martin said “Taekwon-Do is the hardest thing I have ever done.” Still he has made a commitment to teach what the General taught.

From L stance, reverse turning kick, side strike with the back fist.

From L stance, front leg hook kick. Use the back heel as primary tool. Secondary tool is the ball of the foot used to reach a farther target or to do less damage. Contact point is slightly past D. delivered in an arc and in slightly downward motion. Use the hip to pull the kick through the contact point.

Hook kick, primary tool is the back heel, use the ball of the foot, secondary tool
The contact point is just past the apex, on downward side of the arc of the kick.

Grand Master Martin noted that it is good to be a self-corrector, and we have some here in class. 
When your instructor is teaching a student and you can hear it, listen and learn, it is likely something you can use. When your instructor is talking to one assume that he is talking to all.

From L stance,  consecutive kicking, reverse hook kick, double side turning kick. Multiple kicking requires a different means of balance recovery. Miss Schultz demonstrates beautifully.

Consecutive kicking . . . Reverse hook kick -- double side turning kick. . . recover balance between kicks, just like this!

From L stance, reverse punch, side front snap kick, side turning kick.
From L stance, inward vertical kick, high side strike with the back fist.
From walking stance, high vertical punch with the twin fists, step, upset punch with the twin fists.

High vertical punch with the twin fists
Upset punch with the twin fists.

From walking stance, low block with the outer forearm, rising block with the outer forearm in a continuous motion. The sine wave on the second technique is performed by bending the back knee and lowering the hip and eye level (2”), then forward slightly with the front knee over the toes, up (4”) by straightening the back leg and foot, back slightly and drop straight down to finish. When performed in a continuous motion there is no time between techniques, the first one is finished  then continue with the next. Both techniques executed the same as if done singularly only the time between is considered.

From low block,bend the back knee, lower hip and eye level,
Raise up , front knee over the toes, then drop down to finish.

The different motions in reference to cadence are regular, continuous, fast, connecting, and slow. There was much discussion about natural motion or natural movement. Natural motion has nothing to do with cadence but rather the movement of the body the way the joints are designed and naturally move most efficiently. Compare natural motion to efficiency of movement.

From walking stance, punch with the fore fist, reverse punch with the fore fist. Grand Master Martin is looking at our sine wave  motion.  When blocking the blocking tool turns into an attacking tool as well.

Practicing low block - rising block, with sine wave
Punch - reverse punch, walking stance, with sine wave.

Grand Master Martin is very adamant about  Wyoming red and black belts attending Wyoming black belt class, it brings us together to build on our brotherhood.
Grand Master Martin will not give up Black Belt class for Wyoming. Talk as a Teakwon-Do family. There will be some political dialog that comes with seminars but students are sheltered from that.
Training is the secret to Taekwon-Do. There are many excellent instructors and students that make a commitment to come to class, be with cool and like minded people who believe in the tenets of Taekwon-Do and the student oath.

Hwa-Rang. Repeat Hwa-Rang.

Hwa-Rang and Choong-Moo

Students were divided into groups according to rank with an instructor assigned to each group. Pattern by count was the assignment.

First Dans --- Kwang-Gae

Second Dans --- Sam-Il

Fourth Dans --- Moon-Moo

Grand Master Martin shared an effective chatter stopper that he witnessed in Austraila. The Instructor would hold one arm straight up with a fist, as soon as any person saw this they would follow suit until the room was silenced.

Quiet please!

Mr Giese our Wyoming State Director reported the were 141 active members in Wyoming. Grand Master Martin set a goal of 100 participants at our Wyoming tournament. This being written post tournament I can say the 18th anual Wyoming Invitational, the Snake River Smack-down, was an excellent tournament. Promoted by Master Sisco, Tournament Director Mr Giese, Chief Referee Ms. Connell There were 90 competitors from Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming and those 90 were who the tournament was all about! We were honored to have in attendance, Grand Master Renee' Sereff, Grand Master Martin, 2 Sr Masters and 6 Master Instructors.

October 28, 2017, Wyoming Black Belt / Color belt test, in Casper @ the Armory. Black belt test packets were handed out to the candidates.

Grand Master Martin spoke about his poker chip award to be given as recognition for those who give their all.
As a note, read the words on the moose antler at the school.

Review written by Master Robin Johnson.

Photos, layout and posting by Ms DeeDee Connell.

June 4, 2017 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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